Modern IT Operations for SaaS

As a fellow SaaS organization, we know what keeps you up at night. The always-on model of software-as-a-service means a heavy burden on IT teams – Automox can help lighten the load.

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We Get SaaS Because We are SaaS

Your customers rely heavily on you to keep your software operational and performing optimally. Not only are you responsible for the software, but your IT team is obligated to manage all the maintenance, bug fixes, reconfigurations, and patches of the software and libraries on which your SaaS runs.

With the ability to maintain, update, and secure the software and libraries your SaaS uses, Automox can elevate your customer's experience. Start driving greater strategic value for your customers and become an indispensable solution in their tech stack with Automox.

Automox – Your SaaS Sidekick

Automox – Your SaaS Sidekick

With Automox on your IT Team, you can:

  • Deliver the best–in–class experience for your customers – From trial to onboarding, Automox ensures your SaaS offering is running optimally 24/7.

  • Instill security confidence – Keep cross-platform endpoints patched, configured, controlled, and secured automatically.

  • Maximize In-House ROI – Automox keeps costs low and boosts efficiency without the manual grind.

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“One of the reasons we went with Automox was to have a team multiplier with just a single tool. It allowed us to close a lot of gaps we would’ve otherwise needed to bring somebody on to solve.”

- James Sennett, Director of IT Ops, Gong