Cross-Platform IT Troubleshooting

Take remote control of Windows and macOS devices and resolve tickets faster.

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Resolve help-desk tickets faster.

The Help Desk is the silent hero for IT organizations. It's not easy to troubleshoot the onslaught of device issues to keep users happy and business flowing.

52% of IT professionals agree that managing too many types of endpoints (on-premises, remote, hybrid) causes inefficiency. Tool overload quickly creates an IT backlog, missed SLAs, productivity interruptions, and frustrated users. Cross-platform IT troubleshooting with Automox helps you win back hours in your day.

Simplify and streamline your troubleshooting.

Automox eliminates frustrations and bottlenecks with a single tool for device inventory, scalable configuration resolution, and remote control.

Gain complete control over your devices from one console. Choose between manual or automated actions - it's up to you. Automox Worklets™ ease the burden of manual, repetitive work. And for hands-on troubleshooting, Automox provides remote access without the need for VPNs or extra agents.

Consolidate with a single solution to find and fix issues fast.

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Troubleshooting without the trouble.

Complete Endpoint Visibility

Complete Endpoint Visibility

Get cross-platform endpoint visibility and reporting across your on-prem, remote, or hybrid environment, all from one place.

Surface endpoint data from the Automox dashboard so you always know the status of your environment. Identify endpoints for targeted troubleshooting and get as granular or expansive in your view as you need.

Automate Configuration

Automate Configuration

Kiss manual work goodbye with Automox Worklets for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Whether it's an issue with an email account, resetting a password, or killing a process that uses too many resources, you can create, automate, and enforce custom tasks with PowerShell or Bash scripting. Use pre-built Worklets from our catalog, script your own, or use Otto AI to draft custom scripts in seconds.

Cross-Platform Remote Control

Cross-Platform Remote Control

See what the user sees and troubleshoot their issues in real time without ever leaving the Automox platform. Gain the power of real-time remote access to Windows and macOS endpoints from anywhere.

With just an internet connection and the Automox agent, administrators can remotely control a session directly from the Device Details page and execute actions with the logged-in user's privileges.