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Software Test Automation Company Centralizes and Automates Endpoint Management

Case Study | Enterprise Testing Software Company

As a leading automated testing platform, our customer’s platform provides a fundamentally different way to perform software testing with an approach that’s entirely automated, fully codeless, and intelligently driven by AI.

Company Objectives

To constantly improve the productivity, efficiency, and security of their environment, their IT team sought out an endpoint management solution that could scale and consolidate tools while reducing staff cycles. Comprehensive reporting for real-time tracking as well as full-cycle remediation were additional capabilities the team pursued, including:

  • Tech stack centralization. While Intune, SCCM, WSUS, Ansible, and manual patching on macOS were meeting expectations, the team needed to upgrade to a solution that could address both on-prem and remote endpoints without relying on VPNs or hardware.

  • Real-time insights and reporting. The team was seeking a complete view of their overall security status to confirm they were meeting SLAs and corporate standards. By instilling a more comprehensive reporting structure, the team could achieve a more transparent view of every endpoint.

  • Upleveling vulnerability remediation. With Rapid7 in their tech stack, this team was already able to effectively detect and prioritize vulnerabilities but was seeking ways to automate the prioritization, sorting, and patching of these associated vulnerabilities.

Life with Automox

Members of the team identified Automox as a clear favorite from past experiences. They knew its cloud-native, cross-OS patch management capabilities could elevate their security posture as the business scaled. The team chose Automox for these reasons:

Formalized (and Centralized) Patch Management Process

By deploying the Automox agent across multiple operating systems and third-party titles, the company established a standardized patch process for all its endpoints from a single console. This has enabled them to patch all critical vulnerabilities in under 48 hours.

Automation to Lighten the IT Workload

The IT team knew automating their patch process would align their workflows and drive more efficiency. They now not only leverage Automox native automation capabilities but also enjoy added flexibility to build out their automations with the Automox API. They can easily add and remove software, diagnose device-specific issues, and chart Power BI data. Plus, they have plans to implement dynamic auto-tagging.

Peace of Mind with Complete Visibility and Control

With Automox agents on every device, the team can fully visualize their entire environment and take action wherever needed. With the ability to get granular or expansive in their views, troubleshooting is less cumbersome working from a single console.

AVR + Rapid7 InsightVM = Full-Cycle Vulnerability Remediation

Already a happy Rapid7 customer, the team now targets specific CVEs for immediate remediation using Automox’s automated vulnerability remediation (AVR) integration with Rapid7 InsightVM. The integration relieves awkward vulnerability hand-offs between security and IT teams, supports both policy enforcement and security SLAs, helps them identify and protect unaddressed endpoints, and makes reporting much easier.

IT Team Takes Control of its Environment and Processes

Simplifying its tech stack, improving visibility with complete reporting, and automating away much of its manual work are only a few of the reasons why this company loves the Automox platform.

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