Cloud-Native Deployment and Management

Easily automate the patching, deployment, and configuration of all your devices with a single, cloud-based solution.

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Free Yourself of On-Prem Hardware and VPN Complexity

On-prem hardware and VPNs a world of brick-and-mortar offices. These legacy solutions are complex, costly, and slow. Turn your ITOps into a fast, agile, cloud-based IT automation machine.

Automox lets you patch, configure and control all your devices from the cloud. If a device is connected to the internet, you can manage it. No servers to manage. No VPNs to negotiate. No late-night maintenance headaches.

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Tap into the Power of the Cloud for IT

Tap into the Power of the Cloud for IT and gain freedom from required VPNs. Freedom from dedicated infrastructure. And endpoint optimization that never stops.

Zero-Hardware Platform

Zero-Hardware Platform

With Automox's zero-hardware solution, managing all your endpoints is easy. Significantly reduce costs while you deliver strategic value to your organization.

  • Reduce complexity with no VPNs or hardware infrastructure to manage
  • Save ITOps time with a fast and easy console
Efficient Lightweight Agent

Efficient Lightweight Agent

Automox uses a single lightweight agent for Windows, macOS, and Linux that consumes very few system resources. Take action across 10 or 1,000 devices without slowing productivity.

  • Lightweight agent
  • Highly efficient with low I/O and CPU overhead
Zero Maintenance

Zero Maintenance

Say goodbye to hardware infrastructure maintenance and repairs. Take that time and expense back and focus on more strategic efforts.

  • No more wasted time maintaining or fixing on-premise hardware
  • Remove the clutter and cost of unnecessary infrastructure
Multi-Tenant Architecture

Multi-Tenant Architecture

Managing different segments of your organization doesn't have to mean separate tools and added complexity. Enable separation and management across your environments with Automox's multi-tenancy capabilities.

  • Easily separate your organization's unique environments and groups
  • Simplify management and scale your impact