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Cloud-Native Endpoint Hardening

Be a smaller target.

Remediate vulnerabilities 30X faster than the industry norm – and dramatically reduce your risk with simple, fast, and cloud-native endpoint hardening from Automox.

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A single solution for all your Windows, macOS and Linux endpoints.

Unify and simplify your endpoint management with a cross-platform solution that patches any Windows, macOS or Linux endpoint—whether they’re on-prem, in the cloud or on the move.

Better, faster cyber resiliency from the cloud.

Say goodbye to infrastructure and VPN hassles. Now, you can enforce your OS & third-party patch management, security configurations, and custom Automox Worklets from a single, cloud-native console.

Automated endpoint hardening to secure more with less.

Policy-driven automation allows you to streamline the fundamentals of endpoint hardening, automatically securing your devices without hands-on maintenance.

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Know Exactly Where You Stand

Instantly see which endpoints are misconfigured, missing critical patches, or are out of compliance. Our nextgen UI gives you real-time patch vulnerability status across your entire infrastructure.

Automate the Basics of Security Hygiene

A fully patched and correctly configured infrastructure is the cornerstone of strong corporate security. Bulletproof your infrastructure by leveraging the scale of automation. Our platform ensures every system is fully patched and correctly configured regardless of OS, software, or geographic location.

Communicate Compliance Status and Results Quickly and Accurately

Do away with spreadsheets, manual updates, and feeling like your reports are never up to date or accurate. Our platform automates your status reporting and allows you to customize end user update notifications across Windows, macOS and Linux.