Automated Device Configuration at Scale

Eliminate configuration drift with automated and hands-free management of any Windows, macOS, or Linux device.

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Prove Your Devices Are Good to Go

Maintaining software and OS configurations in line with company policies is crucial. Still, compliance can be challenging due to outdated changes, diverse operating systems, and remote work.

Cloud-based automation can alleviate the pressure on ITOps teams, assuring continuous compliance and security across all devices.

Automatically Configure Everything, At Scale

Automox, globally available and cloud-native, continuously applies and enforces device configurations with just an internet connection. It offers preset and customizable policies for flexibility, so your devices remain compliant and current as your organization evolves.

Deploy new software. Update settings. Custom-configure devices. Automatically.

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Take Complete Control of Your Environment

Take Control of Configurations

Take Control of Configurations

Automate device configuration with Automox. Eliminate drift, enforce correct software installation, and fix misconfigurations quickly. Easily manage software and settings with policies.

  • Eliminate manual device configuration drains
  • Automatically eliminate configuration drift
Drive Accuracy and Precision with Customizable Policies

Drive Accuracy and Precision with Customizable Policies

Quickly modify your organization's devices as security policies change. Use enhanced customization for precise policy application to specific device groups and easily target devices with filters. Plus, fine-tune actions to meet your requirements.

  • Customize policies for your organization's specific use cases
  • Easily target and apply policies at scale
Configuration Extensibility For All Your Needs

Configuration Extensibility For All Your Needs

Automox Worklets™ automate configuration changes via scripts. They enforce device requirements and halt configuration drift with continuous scans. Script in PowerShell or Bash, automate, and verify actions with dashboard reporting.

  • Easily script actions across any endpoint
  • Leverage powerful reporting capabilities