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Achieving compliance safeguards and standards with Automox.

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Pharmaceutical IT Challenges

Automox is the antidote to your endpoint management, device stability, and compliance challenges

The pharmaceutical industry is burdened when it comes to IT and cybersecurity. Compliance, securing patient information, and securing valuable IP, are all paramount. If you're drowning in manual IT tasks, with multiple tools to manage and keeping your endpoints updated, Automox could be the cure.

We make it easy to keep your Windows, Linux, and macOS endpoints configured, controlled, and secured — without servers to manage or VPNs. Using thoughtful automation and AI, you can remediate critical vulnerabilities faster, slash cost and complexity, and win back hours in your day.

Endpoint immunity with Automox

Endpoint immunity with Automox

As part of an automated endpoint management strategy, Automox can help pharmaceutical companies confidently address the essentials:

  • Discover unmanaged or undetected endpoints so compliance reporting is all-inclusive
  • Protect patient data and critical intellectual property through automations that consistently address configuration standards, necessary updates, essential patches, and the remediation of critical vulnerabilities
  • Easily analyze results to ensure mandate compliance with complete visibility across all Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints

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Are you a Rapid7 InsightVM customer? Your life just got a lot easier!

Are you a Rapid7 InsightVM customer? Your life just got a lot easier!

With Rapid7 InsightVM + Automox Automated Vulnerability Remediation (AVR), Rapid7 scans are automatically pulled into the Automox console and vulnerabilities are classified, sorted, and then automatically patched and configured.



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"We're a fully remote workforce and we're split between macOS and Windows. Honestly, Automox was the only product I found that worked for [both] - and it works perfectly. "

- IT Manager