About Automox

We are cloud-native IT operations for modern organizations.

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Our Mission

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We are transforming the world of IT operations.

How? By making it easy to keep every endpoint automatically configured, patched and secured - anywhere in the world.

Our Story

Automox was founded in 2015 to pursue a disruptive new vision: give IT operations teams the ability to act quickly and easily across all their endpoints. With Automox, IT admins have a recognizable impact on company success - and sleep better at night.

We're driven by our

Core Values


Customer Obsessed

Advocate for our customers with empathy and a deep understanding of their needs.

Extraordinary Communicators

Approach every situation with respect, openness, and clarity. We debate, decide, and fully commit.

Thoughtful Decision Makers

Take tough decisions head-on and solve for the root cause.

Innately Curious

Embrace new ideas, approaches, and points of view.

Humbly Courageous

Be confident. We are willing to go first and fail fast without ego.

Highly Impactful

We accomplish amazing amounts of important work and are influential outside of our roles.


Join Our Team

Automox is a group of visionaries, builders and innovators bent on reimagining IT operations. We're also bakers, pet lovers, 3D-printing enthusiasts, world travelers, pretty decent karaoke singers…and the list goes on.

Join us and work with the best, wherever you work best.

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