Complete Endpoint Visibility

Get cross-platform endpoint visibility and reporting across your on-prem, remote, or hybrid environment, all from one place.

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See All Your Devices.

Tracking the inventory of physical and virtual endpoints can get complicated as organizations evolve beyond brick-and-mortar offices. Remote workers, untracked devices, and shadow IT can undo the best intentions.

Automox is a single source of truth for all devices across cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments. Now you can be confident in your security posture and audit-ready at all times.

Insights and Reporting at the Ready

Cloud-native, cross-platform, and globally available, Automox enables you to visualize your entire infrastructure easily. Generate and export PDF reports, or integrate data into your tech stack. With unified reporting and constant device scans, act swiftly, uphold compliance, and relay updates. Detailed reports cover Windows, macOS, Linux, and third-party software.

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Full IT Visibility and Reporting

Centralized Device Visibility

Centralized Device Visibility

Eliminate blind spots and maintain comprehensive visibility into the state of your devices. Gain a quick, complete view of the history and status of your applied patches, as well as a breakdown of outstanding patches by severity and patch age.

  • Comprehensive real-time reports
  • Quick device status and history
Complete Software Inventory

Complete Software Inventory

Manage third-party software on one or many devices, regardless of OS, location, or environment. Easily deploy and review software packages to ensure devices align to IT and security policies.

  • Full view of software packages and third-party applications
  • Deploy and review software
Compliance-Driven Reporting

Compliance-Driven Reporting

Deliver the right information at the right time with standard, customizable, and API reporting capabilities. With multiple ways to pull historical and real-time device details, you get the exact data you need, when you need it.

  • Flexible reporting capabilities
  • Extensive device and software details for compliance coverage
Integrated Ecosystem

Integrated Ecosystem

Feed Automox data through industry-leading partnerships and cross-platform workflows to strengthen data-driven decision making.

  • Device data for tech stack enrichment
  • Workflow integration