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Automox is uniquely positioned to help meet the needs of IT teams in the SaaS space because, well, we’re a SaaS company. too. Want to see why Automox is your IT team’s super SaaS sidekick? Read on.

As a SaaS provider, you’ve got some pretty big shoes to fill. You’ve got to keep your customers happy and secure while keeping your costs down and staff productive. To help you with that, let’s start by naming three things that are extremely important for SaaS IT teams:

3 Extremely important things for SaaS IT teams

1. Your customer experience is paramount – from the first trial to ongoing support and maintenance.

The pressure starts early with sales relying heavily on their prospect’s experience with your platform. From quickly accessible and easy-to-use trials, uptime is non-negotiable as users expect your SaaS platform to perform optimally and be available– on-demand, 24/7. Building confidence in your offering and brand starts with the user experience and continues throughout your product’s lifecycle.

2. Security isn’t optional, it’s a foundational necessity.

Security is top-of-mind for SaaS providers for the development of secure code, and to ensure the safety of customer data. IT managers must have a detailed understanding of how business data is protected on SaaS applications to minimize the potential for unauthorized access. This is especially critical when 98% of firms have had at least one third-party partner who had suffered a breach, according to the Cyentia Inst and Security Scorecard.

3. Keeping in-house costs down and your staff out of the manual weeds is imperative. 

Already spread thin, IT teams are often dragged down by tedious manual tasks that are a drag on IT cycles and slow productivity. Relying on manual workflows for every OS and third-party update wastes time and increases the chances of errors. 

And the stats don’t lie when it comes to ITOps and endpoint management challenges:

But fret not dear reader – Automox can help you spin the crazy plates IT is always asked to juggle with SaaS. Here’s how:

How Automox can eleviate SaaS stress

1. Deliver a best-in-class experience 

Automox helps ensure your platform is always running optimally. Retain customers by fulfilling user uptime SLAs across your in-house endpoints with on-time automated OS and third-party updates. Keep your dev and production servers at peak performance by automating tasks across Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints from a single console.

2. Instill security confidence

Stay ahead of risks with Automox’s automated endpoint platform and in-house security protocols. Keep cross-platform endpoints patched, configured, controlled, and secured without the manual effort. Automox automatically detects when updates are needed and applies the correct patch for any OS or software application. Automox can start securing your endpoints in just 15 minutes with our introductory demo. We also practice what we preach when it comes to security – Automox facilitates the development of secure code, guarantees the highest levels of protection, and ensures the availability of customer data.

3. Automate and elevate your team

Automox keeps costs low while delivering high strategic value and operational excellence to your customers. Boost efficiency without the manual grind by automating redundant actions and connecting complex processes with Automox. You’ll get time back to focus on strategic initiatives and more, without having to compromise on the quality of service your team provides.

The constant demands on SaaS organizations, especially for their IT teams, can be daunting –  but Automox is here to spot you when lifting a heavy load. From everyday maintenance that provides a top-tier customer experience, to effortless security patches, we can help your team become more efficient. So let’s team up – flash the Otto symbol in the sky, or sign up for our trial down below to see for yourself.

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