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Uninstall Apps and Pre-Installed Windows Bloatware From the Microsoft Store

Eliminates pre-installed apps and bloatware from Microsoft Store.

Worklet Details

Why would you use the Uninstall Windows Bloatware Worklet?

This Worklet uses PowerShell to make it easy to uninstall unwanted apps from the Microsoft Store on your endpoints. Doing so can help with system performance and security.

What is Windows bloatware?

Windows bloatware refers to the pre-installed software that comes with the operating system, often included by the device manufacturer or the Windows installation itself. Software developers pay manufacturers for their software to be installed on the devices, which allows them to expand their user base. While some manufacturers are gradually removing the amount of bloated software they include on new devices, there are still many apps that come pre-installed from the Microsoft Store on Windows devices. 

In addition to pre-installed apps, it’s not uncommon for end users to also download and install apps from the Microsoft Store themselves. 

Examples of Microsoft Store bloatware apps

This Worklet can remove any undesired bloatware apps, either pre-installed or user-installed, from the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 and 11 devices. For example:

  • Bing Weather

  • Candy Crush Friends Saga

  • Microsoft Skype App

  • Microsoft Windows Photos

  • MS Paint

  • Netflix

  • Xbox App

  • Zune Music

How to uninstall bloatware with Windows PowerShell via this Worklet

To remove bloatware without having to use a software uninstallation tool, you can use a Windows PowerShell script via this Automox Worklet. This Worklet is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11.

This Worklet removes all Microsoft apps that are removable, not part of the Windows Framework, and don't have an exception set. It also ignores any Microsoft entries relating to Office, any extensions, and anything relating to uninstalling the store itself. Exceptions can be set so that if there are particular Microsoft Store apps that are not desired to be uninstalled, they can be left alone.

Upon running this query, if Microsoft apps are noticed that should not be removed from devices, be sure to set them as exceptions. 

Non-default apps can also be set. These are non-Microsoft apps installed from the Microsoft Store that are to be removed if they exist on a system.

Why should I remove Windows bloatware?

There are plenty of reasons why you would want to remove bloatware from end user machines.

System Performance

Windows bloatware can sometimes impact system performance by running unnecessary background processes, consuming system resources, or causing conflicts with other software. Uninstalling bloatware can help improve system responsiveness, reduce startup times, and minimize background processes, leading to a smoother overall user experience.

Privacy and Security

While the Windows Store aims to provide a secure platform for app distribution, there is still a possibility of malicious or poorly designed apps making their way onto the store. These apps might pose security risks by collecting sensitive user data, introducing malware, or exploiting vulnerabilities in the system.

Quality and Reliability

Not all apps available in the Windows Store go through the same level of scrutiny and quality control as, for example, apps available in the Apple App Store. Some apps might be poorly developed, contain bugs, or lack necessary updates and support.


Apps downloaded from the Windows Store might have compatibility issues with certain devices or versions of Windows. Some apps may require specific hardware capabilities or dependencies that a given device doesn't meet, resulting in a suboptimal experience or non-functionality. 

Storage Space

Another common reason to uninstall Windows bloatware is to free up limited storage space on the device. Some pre-installed apps or programs may consume a significant amount of storage, especially if they are not being used or are duplicating functionality already provided by other preferred applications.

Organizational Preference and Customization

Some IT teams prefer to have complete control over the software and applications installed on their devices. Uninstalling Windows bloatware allows IT teams to customize their systems according to their preferences and the organization’s needs.

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