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Professional Sports IT Challenges

Hit your endpoint management strategy out of the park with Automox.

Sports franchises face unique challenges as their technology infrastructure is spread across various environments - stadiums, venues, and online platforms. Players aren't the only team members playing the game. Sports IT teams must support a range of functions, including ticket sales, streaming data, player analysis, and digital experiences.

As a proud partner to over 40 pro sports teams worldwide, Automox gives your IT team a competitive edge with the industry's easiest-to-use endpoint management platform. You get the visibility, automation, and control your IT team needs. With Automox, effortlessly address your endpoints in real-time across every OS and leading third-party titles, without disruption.

In the field of pro sports, the stakes are high. But Automox can help you win with worry-free automation and comprehensive endpoint management. Game on!

A slam dunk for IT Ops

A slam dunk for IT Ops

Scale the management of your growing endpoint base with Automox and get back to what's important - the game! And do it all with a single platform.

  • Dodge manual work - Automate redundant actions, connect complex processes, and enable cross-team orchestration.

  • Interruptions are not an option - Never call a timeout because of IT again. Schedule automated patches and updates outside of critical game-time hours to minimize disruptions.

  • Seamlessly demonstrate success - Explore and visualize your entire infrastructure easily, and share reporting with others.

  • The all-star, all-in-one solution - Keep your endpoints managed, across all OS and 400+ third-party titles - without servers to manage or VPNs.

Are you a Rapid7 InsightVM customer? Your life just got a lot easier!

Are you a Rapid7 InsightVM customer? Your life just got a lot easier!

With Rapid7 InsightVM + Automox Automated Vulnerability Remediation (AVR), Rapid7 scans are automatically pulled into the Automox console and vulnerabilities are classified, sorted, and then automatically patched and configured.



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"We're a fully remote workforce and we're split between macOS and Windows. Honestly, Automox was the only product I found that worked for [both] - and it works perfectly. "

- IT Manager