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Automox was founded to pursue a disruptive new vision: the complete automation of system configuration, patching, management and inventory. System management is a massive problem for IT organizations complicated by different operating systems, software, device types, and geographic locations.

Automox is the only cloud system management solution designed to completely automate the patching, configuration, and maintenance of Windows, OS X, and Linux systems from a single platform. Our new Dynamic Policy Engine allows IT managers to customize and group policies that ensure that every system, regardless of location, meets your regulatory and security requirements.

In the end, seeing is believing. Automox gives IT organizations instant control and full visibility into the status of every managed system - delivering radical time savings, greater security, and peace of mind right from your browser.

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Meet the Automox Team

Jay Prassl

Jay Prassl


Bio: A self-described “Nerd with a big mouth” Jay is an 18 year startup veteran specialized in pre-IPO, hyper-competitive environments with a focus on new technology introduction, partner / customer acquisition. VP of Sales and Marketing at SolidFire (sold to NTAP), LeftHand Networks (sold to HPQ), Hewlett Packard.

Interests: Cycling, swimming, surfing, backcountry skiing, woodworking

Havish Vinnakota

Havish Vinnakota

VP Engineering

Bio: Creating brand value, transforming chaos into clarity, and building quality driven engineering ecosystems that simply hum is what drives Havish and what he has specialized in over the past 15 years. Havish comes with a very colorful startup background, having held a variety of engineering leadership roles in the past with early stage technology companies such as SolidFire (acquired by NetApp), LeftHand Networks (acquired by Hewlett Packard).

Interests: running, kayaking, foosball

Mark Manes

Mark Manes


Bio: With over 15 years experience bringing new products to market, Mark has a distinguished history of architecting and building highly-scalable, security-focused applications. Prior to Automox, he built Network Access Control software which scanned over 400,000 systems daily and led the certification process for deployment within secure DoD networks.

Interests: skiing, embedded software, autonomous drones, aviation

Jay Joe Scharf

Joe Scharf

VP Product

Bio: Operating with an advanced AI, Joe seeks the cutting edge of technology and has been building and scaling early-stage cloud internet companies for over 15 years. Prior roles include VP of Engineering at SendGrid and Tapinfluence, Program Director at Techstars.

Interests: cycling, swimming, skiing, student pilot.

Larry Middle

Larry Middle

CFO | part-time

Bio: Larry manages the HR, legal and finance functions for Automox. He has over 25 years of experience including Price Waterhouse (as a CPA, where he focused on growing the emerging business sector), MatchLogic (sold to Excite), and StillSecure (sold to Silver Sky).

Interests: Participating in or coaching sports, which has instilled in him an appreciation of teamwork, responsibility, and the drive to win.

Joe McManus

Joe McManus

Chief Information Security Officer

Bio: Joe is a Senior Cyber Security Researcher at CERT and a Professor at the University of Colorado College of Engineering where he teaches graduate courses in information security and forensics. Recently, Joe was the Director of Security at SolidFire, (acquired by NetApp [NTAP]). He is an avid cyclist, climber and leads the Automox security team.

Interests: cycling, climbing, cyber security

Todd Cameron

Todd Cameron

VP of Marketing

As someone who loves to buy but despises being sold to, Todd is a customer-first marketer who understands the value of building trust and demonstrating authenticity through communications. He previously worked at The Walt Disney Company, with clients including IBM, NetApp, VMWare, AutoDesk, Microsoft, and Dell as an agency partner, and held Marketing and Customer Success leadership roles at Zed, Kapost, and TapInfluence.

Interests: running, skiing, and writing

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