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Automox is modernizing IT operations through cloud-native efficiency and upending the old ways of legacy on-prem tools. Move with unprecedented agility to assess, analyze, and act on data across on-prem, cloud, and remote endpoints.

The turning point for IT efficiency.

It’s time for a modern, flexible approach to IT operations. It starts with a true cloud-native architecture, not legacy tools that have been retrofitted and rebranded for the cloud.

how it work

Manage your endpoints from the cloud

Automox keeps you continuously connected to all your endpoints, regardless of location, environment, and OS type. Now you can manage and apply OS and third-party patches, enforce security configurations, deploy software, and execute any action across Windows, macOS, and Linux systems. All from a single, web-based console.

6 reasons you should move endpoint hardening to the cloud

Minimize risk Automox customers remediate

vulnerabilities in hours, not months.

Immediate value: Deploy, customize, and scale

without having to add hardware, VPNs, or additional tools.

Cut costs: Reduce overhead up to 80% by switching to

a modern, cloud-native solution.

Anytime, anywhere global coverage: No VPNs or hardware

needed for full functionality and availability.

On-premises systems

Manage both your physical and virtual on-prem systems more efficiently without needing additional on-prem infrastructure. Automox gives you the visibility to continuously monitor every IT asset and inventory your hardware, software, patches, and configurations — while staying in constant communication with the Automox cloud service.


Remote laptops and workstations

Automox simplifies endpoint management at scale so you can apply software updates and configurations to devices not connected to the corporate network or existing outside the Active Directory. This global approach removes the hassle of endpoint permissions, eliminates the need for a VPN, and automates software deployment, configuration, and enforcement on remote devices.

Cloud-based virtual machines, containers, and microservices

Existing legacy tools may not be “aware” of cloud-based virtual machines and containers, nor can they solve each one’s unique challenges. Automox delivers the same fast, automated simplicity for managing cloud-based virtual environments as it does for physical infrastructures – all from the same web-based console.


Ready to Save Time and Money Managing Your Patch Updates?

Calculate your savings when you switch to a modern, cloud-native patch management solution.

The Automox cyber hygiene platform reduces operational overhead by up to 80% vs. traditional, on-premises patch management.

Use this calculator to see what that means for you.

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