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With our cloud based agent and policy engine, you control your level of patch management automation, flow processes, and configuration enforcement, all from a single dashboard.

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Install The Automox Agent

Installation of the Automox agent is a quick 30-second process.

Download and install the agent for all of your Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux systems. At less than 10MB, it is highly efficient with low IO and CPU usage.

  • The agent sets a persistent encrypted session with the Automox cloud to monitor your vulnerability.
  • The agent provides an inventory of hardware, software, patches, and configuration details.
  • The agent automatically patches vulnerabilities based upon your configured policies.
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Deploying To Multiple Clients And Servers?

Use our predefined scripts for tools such as Ansible and Active Directory. From 1 to 100,000 or more endpoints, we’ve got you covered.

Create Policies and Groups

Create Policies

Within Automox, policies handle specific tasks, such as keeping your systems patched, ensuring software is installed, or anything else you need to manage. Our dynamic policy engine allows you to create scripts that handle your specific business requirements and custom applications with ease.

  • Patch Policies

    Keeps the OS software up to date

  • Required Software Policies

    Download and ensure software is always installed.

  • Custom Policies

    Performs any kind of custom configuration

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Create Groups

Groups allow you to more easily manage systems updates. Creating new groups requires just a single click, and then adding the systems you want to include in the group.

Groups can be configured in any way that makes sense for your organization. Whether by department or geography, groups makes infrastructure security manageable.

Patching and Remediation Flow

Operating System Updates

Automox was built for a mixed OS environment, enabling you to manage Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux patches from our dashboard. You’ll see what patches are scheduled, what patches need your approval, and which devices need your attention.

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3rd Party Software Updates

Automox natively patches third party software including Adobe Flash, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Java, Firefox, Chrome, MS Office, and others as part of our growing catalog.

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Automated, Remediation And Enforcement Actions

Automox is action oriented. Whereas many solutions scan your infrastructure and notify you of vulnerabilities, they stop there, leaving you to manually do the work. Automox automates the remediation of vulnerabilities and enforcement of configuration settings based on your defined policies.

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OS Patching is reviewed in a test environment before being deployed, while Critical Updates can be applied during the first available patch window.

Patch Workflow You Control

OS Patching is reviewed in a test enviroment before being deployed, while Critical Updates can be applied during the first available patch window.

User Notification And Control

Easily notify users of upcoming patches. Notifications can be turned on or off with a single click and apply to individual patch policies. Users have the flexibility to defer the patch update three times (by 1, 4, or 8 hours) before it is automatically enforced.

Comprehensive Cloud Portal

Fully manage your entire infrastructure from our dashboard. Patch every OS (Windows, Mac, and Linux) and 3rd party software, enforce configuration settings, handle exceptions, and prioritize work based on vulnerability status for every system anywhere in the world.

Software Deployment

Deploy, manage, blacklist, and enforce software requirements across workstations, by policy, by group or for individual devices. The Automox policy engine provides the ability to use predefined scripts for software deployment as well as custom scripting capabilities that can handle your specific software needs.


Instant visibility of system inventory, vulnerability status, and policy compliance.



Configurable patch automation, software deployment, and workflow management.



Complete control and active enforcement of system and software configurations.