How Automox Works

Automox keeps millions of endpoints fully updated and ready to go for users - automatically. Now you can take advantage of endpoint optimization that never stops.

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Here's how Automox performs
any action on any endpoint.

With a zero-infrastructure, cloud-native architecture, Automox enables IT to create and automate any custom task or policy across the entire environment in moments.

Deploy agents

Windows, Mac or Linux in an instant: Automox does it all effortlessly with scriptable deployment packages.

Instantly remediate vulnerabilities

  1. Sort vulnerabilities by criticality or group affected

  2. Remediate with dozens of validated software sources, or find the update

  3. Reliably take action on any device

Target and manage just the devices you want

  1. Target a set of endpoints based on specific attributes, such as hostname, IP, OS, or even custom tags

  2. Group endpoints by device attributes, group, or zones for fine-tuned targeting


Take action

Simple UI/UX and dynamic features enable effortless and automated patching, management, and configuration of every endpoint.

See all your hardware and software

  1. Identify misconfigured systems

  2. Discover missing patches

  3. Complete software inventory and management

Launch single-click vulnerability remediation

  1. Enable automatic daily vulnerability scans and automatic

  2. Connect Automox to Tenable, Rapid7, Qualys, Crowdstrike, or others for handsfree remediation

  3. Import CSV files with CVE and hostname information from any vulnerability scanner for immediate remediation



Patch more with less and sleep better at night knowing that every endpoint will stay protected automatically.

Automate patching with policies

  1. In a few clicks, create a patch policy for the estate or specified targets

  2. Schedule patching to run automatically without disturbing the user

  3. Tweak as organizational needs evolve

Configure anything - and stop drift

  1. Define and enforce configuration requirements

  2. Continuous policy scans check for configuration drift

  3. Deploy software, anywhere


Extend your automation capabilities with Automox Worklets™

Automox Worklets allow you to automate and enforce any scriptable action on endpoints, regardless of location or domain.

step 1
Step 1

Create an "Evaluation" Code that will automatically scan and detect any conditions to initiate an action.

step 2
Step 2

Add "Remediation" code to perform desired actions automatically according to the Worklet policy schedule after the evaluation code has flagged the device as needing remediation.

step 3
Step 3

Hit go and start enjoying outcomes over alerts and automation over effort.

Visit the Automox Community to see our library of hundreds of pre-written Worklets built to help you automate pesky manual tasks.

See for yourself how Automox secures all your endpoints in just 15 minutes.

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