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Fully Automated Patch Management and Policy Compliance

"If it is worth doing once it is worth automating" - Mark Manes CTO

Fully Automated Patching and Policy Compliance - for every endpoint

Fundamental to the design of the Automox platform is automation. We believe that every patch and endpoint setting should not only be automatically deployed... but also automatically monitored and maintained over time.

Automox helps you achieve 100% patched and compliant status through a constant cycle of endpoint evaluation and remediation. When an endpoint is detected to be non-compiant with a policy the platform automatically acts to bring the endpoint back into compliance and logs the activity - all of which is available to you at the click of a button.

You don't have to lift a finger!

  • Endpoint is missing a patch - Automox applies it
  • A required software was deleted - Automox reinstalls it
  • Configuration has been changed - Automox resets it
Fully automated patching from anywhere in the world.

The Automox Agent - lightweight and ridiculously powerful

Installation of the Automox agent is a quick 30-second process. Simply download and install the agent for Mac OS X, Windows or Linux. Once installed, the agent instantly sets up a persistent encrypted session with the Automox cloud and goes to work taking an inventory of hardware, software, patches and configuration details.

step one

Unlike most EPM solutions that work only on a single OS and only within your corporate firewall or over a VPN, Automox is fully geo-independent and works on any device, in any location - home, office, coffee shop, datacenter or anywhere in between. No VPN required!

A simple and lightweight install agent.

See your full inventory at a glance.

From your Automox dashboard, you can see every endpoint that you manage and its status - beautifully presented and easily searchable. Quickly and confidently identify which endpoints are non-compliant and know exactly where you need to act.

View a list of all your software and hardware in the Automox tool.

Build your policies

At the heart of the Automox platform is our Dynamic Policy Engine which enables you to easily create policies that help you patch, manage and maintain all of your endpoints regardless of location. There are three key policy types within the Automox platform - OS Batch Policies, Required Software Policies, and a powerful Custom Policy tool.

A tool that lets your build custom policies.

Three Policy types

Required Software Policies

  • Required software policies enable you to effortlessly link defined software with a specific group of devices
  • Eliminate imaging: deploy and maintain software consistently - wherever your endpoints or users are located
  • Host all of your traditional and third party software in our secure cloud
  • Patch management for problematic applications Java, Adobe and browsers like Firefox

OS Patching Policies

  • Mac, Linux, and Windows device patch management from a single platform regardless of geographic location
  • Automated patch deployment of high severity patches
  • Keep end users from deploying known harmful patches or updates
  • Patch on -prem or cloud servers in Amazon, Azure, or Google

Custom Policies

  • Customize the Automox platform to your specific needs
  • Create your own endpoint policies for just about anything - from password length to antivirus settings and everything in between

Group your policies and go!

Individual policies can be combined into policy groups that make imaging and organizing devices simple and straightforward. Group policies by functional area (marketing, sales, finance) or asset class (AWS servers, database servers etc).

Once your policy groups are established configuring new devices is as simple as adding them to the policy group. No more dealing with outdated gold images or a time consuming imaging process.

Company departments that should be optimized with customized group policies.

Now that you have put your policies in motion...

go do something with your free time.

We will keep you informed every step of the way.

Start managing your first endpoint
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