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Fully Automated Cloud Patch Management and Policy Compliance

Automate Patching

Patch across Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Save Time

Reduce resources to remediate security vulnerabilities by 90%.

Continuously Monitor

Your infrustructure is never more than a click away from compliance against known vulnerabilities.

80% of attacks target known vulnerabilities even though 99.9% of these vulnerabilities have available patches.

- WhiteHat Security

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Installation of the Automox agent is a quick 30-second process.

Download and install the agent for all of your Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux systems. At less than 10MB, it is highly efficient with low IO overhead.

  • 1. The agent sets a persistent encrypted session with the Automox cloud

  • 2. It provides an inventory of hardware, software, patches and configuration details

  • 3. It automatically patches vulnerabilities and monitors your entire infrastructure

That’s it. You’re up and running within minutes.


Use our predefined scripts for tools such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and Active Directory. From 1 to 100,000 endpoints, we’ve got you covered.

Coming Soon!

Altert end-users of critical patches with

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From the Automox Dashboard you can see every device, it's detailed configuration, and any outstanding vulnerabilities that need your attention.

Automox’s default settings are configured to remediate these vulnerabilities automatically.

Every endpoint is updated with known patch fixes nightly so as to minimize disruptions during working hours.

Set it and forget it, so you can focus on more important tasks.

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For customers with established patch testing and deployment workflows, Automox matches your current workflows seamlessly allowing you to control the level of patching automation.

For example, you can:

  • Create your own approval process
  • Accept or reject newly released patches
  • Exclude specific servers or network devices
  • Filter patches by severity or length of time outstanding
  • Specify which patches should apply automatically
  • Blacklist patches that you’ll never deploy
  • Ensure applications are deployed and updated
  • Set and implement configuration changes

Need to patch systems right away? Easily override automated patching schedules with the click of a button.

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You can create groups based on your business requirements, to more easily manage updates.

And our dynamic policy engine allows you to create specific scripts that can handle custom scenarios and custom application deployment with ease.

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On average, it takes 201 days to detect a breach, and another 70 days to contain it.

- Ponemon Institute

Nine months is simply too much time. With Automox’s continuous monitoring, the current state of every endpoint in your infrastructure is at your fingertips. And notifications alert you to any critical changes.

Cut response time to vulnerabilities from months to minutes.

The ability to report on your level of compliance has never been easier. With the Automox dashboard, you can quickly access and filter all of the data you need to generate compliance, executive, regulatory, and operational reports, including:

  • Pre patch reports on the current state of the infrastructure
  • Post patch report on the application of the latest updates
  • Executive overview of the entire company’s compliance status
  • Executive overview of each pre-defined group of endpoints
  • Individual detail reports on every machine out of compliance
  • Aging and severity reports
  • Tailored custom reports through our API for internal needs

Reduce 90% of your patching effort!

15 days with full platform access for free.

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