The Automox Partner Program
Our diverse range of partners produce innovative endpoint protection solutions, deliver expert managed security services, and make Automox award winning solutions available to customers around the world.
Automox Managed Service Providers
With the combination of an easy to use, MSP-ready multi-tenant platform, simple, consumption-based billing and a rapid onboarding program, it’s no surprise that Automox is getting rave reviews from the MSP/MSSP community.
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Automox is the best for MSPs/MSSPs. Customers and analysts agree.
In 2020, leading review sites and analyst reports have recognized Automox as the ideal endpoint management platform to rapidly reduce an organization's attack surface and help them become a smaller target.
Grow your business through our extensible framework.
Automox Worklets™ are reusable units of work based on simple PowerShell or Bash scripting that can be automatically applied across Windows, Linux, and macOS devices, irrespective of location or domain membership. Worklets empower MSPs/MSSPs to create, automate, and enforce any custom task imaginable – distribute custom software, enforce unique policies, set specific customer configurations – the options to expand the value you bring to your customers and drive additional revenue for your business are only limited to your imagination.
Automox Resellers
Automox’s simple and flexible partner program will help you grow your business with an in-demand platform that is easy to demo, sell, and manage.
Everything you’ll need to thrive within the rapidly expanding endpoint management and security market
Automox partners with industry-leading companies that can extend the sales reach for Automox’s cloud-native endpoint hardening platform. Our dedicated channel team is focused on helping resellers sell across a wide range of market segments, from small-to-medium sized businesses (SMB) to large, multi-location corporate enterprises – and across all vertical markets.
What do you have to gain by becoming an Automox Reseller? Plenty.
Cloud-native, cross platform and extensible solution ideally suited for today’s remote worker environments.
Competitive discounts, deal protection, lead-gen resources, and world-class sales support to maximize your success and drive revenue.
World class customer and technical support, a highly engaged user community, and effective training to maximize customer retention.
Technology Integrations
Through our robust APIs and experienced technical staff, our endpoint hardening solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your existing security technology platform, providing additional value to your customers. Together with flexible licensing and committed support, Automox works hard to ensure the success of our technical alliance programs, as exemplified in the partnerships highlighted below.
Automox Content Partners
Automox supports leading software vendors, including the key organizations listed below, to gain immediate access to their vulnerability updates and remediation content. These critical partnerships ensure that your customers receive the information and patch content they need, when they need it.
With dedicated engineering support, documented roadmaps, and extensible APIs - The decision to build, buy, or partner just became a whole lot easier. The Automox team is here to support business models that map to your business and create functionality leading to new revenue streams for your offerings.