Splunk + Automox

Comprehensive insights drive better decisions, Faster

Splunk + Automox

Stop making decisions in the dark. We've merged Automox contextual device data with Splunk data sources so you can take more decisive action – with confidence.

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Expand your data breadth and depth with Automox

Adding new technologies to address IT challenges also expands your tech stack – leading to data and reporting spread across multiple tools and locations. This can hamper decision-making, swift prioritization, and critical action.

To achieve a comprehensive view of your data and remove bottlenecks, you need complete event, software, and endpoint information integrated into a single holistic view. Automox and Splunk understand your data requirements and, together, efficiently consolidate your data reporting into a single source of truth for fast and centralized visibility.

How it works

We created two apps for our Splunk customers to integrate Automox data within Splunk to drive deeper insights. Simply install these Automox apps from Splunkbase to get started!

Install the Automox Technology Add-On for Splunk

Install the Automox Technology Add-On for Splunk

The Automox Technology Add-On connects Splunk and Automox to share patch, endpoint, and events data from Automox-managed endpoints within your Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud, including:

  • Endpoint details
  • Policy details, and
  • Actions taken by Automox
Install the Automox Dashboard for Splunk

Install the Automox Dashboard for Splunk

The Automox Dashboard for Splunk integrates Automox into the Splunk platform for curated views that can be customized and expanded upon, helping to:

  • Create additional context
  • Add additional endpoint details
  • Centralize reporting