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Keep all your operating systems and third-party software titles up to date with one, cloud-native IT automation platform

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Automate and Consolidate Third-Party Patching

Third-party software is a huge source of vulnerabilities — and manual work for IT. Third-party titles are not inherently more difficult to patch — but they are a big pain. No wonder IT teams use multiple tools to keep things updated. But this makes workflows clunky and slow.

Automate the tracking and patching of third-party titles across Windows, macOS, and Linux. Get it done with one fast, reliable, cloud-native platform.

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Patch vulnerabilities. Deploy required software. Fix misconfigured systems. All with one tool.

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Automate and Scale Third-Party Patching

Automate and Scale Third-Party Patching

Automating patch management successfully means all OS and third-party applications (like Adobe, Chrome, and Slack) are up to date and secured against known vulnerabilities. Automating third-party patching means more than just updating. Applications must be inventoried and monitored for new updates, and those updates need to be packaged and deployed. Automox does it all. And with Patch Safe, Automox scans all incoming third-party packages using an industry-leading malware detection platform to ensure patch safety and integrity so you can be confident in your processes and security posture.

  • Easy-to-use thoughtful automation for third-party patching
  • Patch faster to reduce vulnerability exposure
Deploy and Manage New Third-Party Software

Deploy and Manage New Third-Party Software

Whether you're managing on-prem devices, remote workers, or both, it's all visible and covered from one cloud-native console. Browse our third-party catalog, view all of your applications, and take action with the power of Automox Worklets™ to quickly deploy or remove any software application.

  • Deploy and enforce software
  • Easily manage and maintain third-party software
Power ITOps Productivity

Power ITOps Productivity

Consolidate and reduce tool fatigue from years of outdated and OS-specific products. Automate redundant actions and streamline workflows across Windows, Linux, and macOS to save time and keep everything up to date.

  • Consolidate and reduce tool fatigue
  • Maintain third-party software across Windows, Linux, and macOS