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When it comes to pro sports, most people think of the athletes, teams, fans, stats, courts, fields, and stadiums. Others think of doing the wave, getting in the ring themselves, or peanuts and Cracker Jacks. But most people don’t ever see the behind-the-scenes operations and everything it takes to keep the game going.

However, those who manage IT for sports organizations know their jobs require as much planning and effort as coaching or playing. If you’re in ITOps, you know firsthand the endpoints that make up sports orgs scale across diverse and dynamic environments – just think about ticket sales, media platforms, and player analysis databases [to name a few]. Sports franchises typically manage, control, and secure an overabundance of moving parts. 

In this post, we’ll look at the challenges IT staff face managing sports endpoints and how Automox can alleviate complexities [and stress] for sports orgs today.

Speed is key

One of the biggest challenges facing sports IT teams is the need to avert manual work. IT managers and admins are constantly slowed by mundane, manual processes that easily introduce human error and slow productivity. 

To run with speed, you have to remove manual processes. Not only will you save time, but your team will also be free to prioritize more pressing strategic efforts.

Managing ALL the players

Like any player on a team, every endpoint is unique. 

Endpoints often have different OSs, and third-party apps, and can be located anywhere – including “on the road”. Regardless of whether an endpoint uses Windows, macOS, Linux, or any range of third-party apps, sports franchises need to keep all aspects of their business running smoothly, right? 

The focus has to stay on the game without interruption. If IT has to swivel-chair to individual tools in their tech stack to support different OSs or vendor applications, processes slow and can impede productivity or create disruption.

There’s no time-out in IT

In sports, interruptions are not an option. Negative impacts on staff productivity or, more importantly, on the fans’ digital experience due to IT downtime are unacceptable. Such slowdowns directly impact the revenue of the organization. 

Avoiding interruptions requires constant vigilance and proactivity to prevent downtime. Endpoint updates, patches, configuration changes, and maintenance must be planned carefully to minimize impact on the end-user experience.

Your IT management MVP

As a proud partner to over ## pro sports organizations, worldwide, Automox gives your IT team a competitive edge with the industry’s easiest-to-use endpoint management platform. 

Like the best teammates, Automox always has your back – delivering fast, disruption-free automation. Patch, configure and secure any endpoint within our singular platform – any time, anywhere. 

With Automox, you can confidently address the challenges of managing IT for your sports org: 

  • Ditch drag. Remove slow manual processes and get your IT staff back into the game of being productive. Eliminate wasted hours by automating redundant actions, connecting complex processes, and enabling cross-team orchestration.

  • One platform rules all your endpoints. Automox’s cross-OS support and over 400 supported third-party apps enable centralized and efficient endpoint management without multiple tools. Simplify your tech stack with a single platform for all of your endpoints.

  • Never call a time-out again. Schedule automated patches and updates outside of critical game time hours to minimize disruptions. And enforce and automate customizable actions on a strict timetable with Automox Worklets

The stakes are high in the field of pro sports, but Automox can get you on an automated, worry-free path for simple, comprehensive endpoint management

Worklets help sports orgs win

Automate any task, on any endpoint with Automox Worklets™ – plug-and-play IT automation for hundreds of use cases across Windows, macOS, and Linux devices. 

  • Audit Local Administrator Accounts: This PowerShell Worklet lets you check devices for local administrator accounts so you can remove them where local privileges could pose a security risk or are unnecessary.

  • Enable SMB Signing: This PowerShell Worklet enables SMB digital signing for Windows 8+ and Windows Server operating systems.

  • Restrict Anonymous Access to Named Pipes and Shares: This PowerShell Worklet follows Microsoft's best practices of restricting null session access to unauthenticated and anonymous users for all server pipes and shared folders.

  • Disable SMB1.0: This PowerShell Worklet disables SMB 1.0 client and server functionality for Windows 8.1+ and Server 2012R2+ devices.

  • Enable Firewall (desired state): This Worklet checks if the recommend OS firewall is installed and active. This is firewalld, or ufw for Ubuntu. The Worklet will install if necessary and reactivate if the firewall is not active.

  • SSH Worklets: These Linux Worklets help you set SSH session timeouts with optional restarts, enable SSH MaxAuthTries with optional sshd restarts, set SSH to require version 2 with optional sshd restarts, disable PermitEmptyPasswords, disable Password Authentication, and disable the use of weak SSH algorithms run by the OpenSSH service on Linux.

Use any of the above Worklets to help you knock your endpoint management game out of the park!

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