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Windows - Security - Disable SMB 1.0

Disables SMB 1.0 client and server functionality for Windows 8.1+ and Server 2012R2+ devices.

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Introduction to the PowerShell Based Windows - Security - Disable SMB 1.0 Worklet

The Windows - Security - Disable SMB 1.0 Worklet is a PowerShell-based Worklet designed for Windows devices, specifically Windows 8.1+ and Windows Server 2012 R2+. This Worklet aims to disable the outdated Server Message Block (SMB) version 1.0 protocol on targeted devices, enhancing overall system security by mitigating risks associated with this legacy file sharing protocol.

Why would you use the Disable SMB 1.0 Worklet?

The SMB 1.0 protocol, also known as Common Internet File System (CIFS), has been deprecated due to numerous security vulnerabilities it exposes within network environments. Microsoft recommends disabling SMB 1.0 on production devices to protect your organization from potential cyber threats and ensure compliance with modern cybersecurity standards.

Using the Disable SMB 1.0 Worklet allows administrators to efficiently automate this process across multiple devices, ensuring consistent application of best practices and reducing manual intervention required in managing network security.

Components of the Windows - Security - Disable SMB 1.0 Worklet

The Worklet consists of two main sections. The Evaluation Code checks whether or not the targeted systems currently support SMB 1.0 functionality by assessing client and server enablement status.

The Remediation Code disables both client and smb  server features associated with SMB 1.0 when necessary, effectively mitigating any risks linked to this outdated protocol.

How does the Disable SMB 1.0 Worklet work?

When executed on target devices, the Worklet first runs an evaluation code that examines if either the smb client or smb server supports SMB version 1 through checking their enablement statuses using Get-WindowsOptionalFeature and Get-SmbServerConfiguration commands within Windows PowerShell.

If these checks reveal any enabled SMB 1.0 features, the Worklet proceeds to disable SMB proto through the remediation code. The remediation code disables the SMB 1.0 client functionality using Disable-WindowsOptionalFeature and server support using Set-SmbServerConfiguration commands.

What is the expected outcome when you use the Disable SMB 1.0 Worklet?

Upon successful execution of the Windows - Security - Disable SMB 1.0 Worklet, targeted devices will no longer feature any active dependencies or support for SMB version 1. This enhances overall network security by eliminating vulnerabilities associated with this legacy file sharing protocol and aligns your organizational infrastructure with modern cybersecurity best practices.

This Worklet offers a streamlined, automated method for managing critical security settings across Windows devices and networks, contributing to a more secure and compliant IT environment.

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