Automox Worklets

Automate custom tasks and enforce across any managed Windows, macOS and Linux system to maximize IT capacity.

What are Automox Worklets™?

Worklets empower ITOps and SecOps to create, automate, and enforce any custom task on endpoints. Based on PowerShell and Bash scripting, Worklets are reusable units of work that can be applied across Windows, Linux, and macOS devices irrespective of location or domain membership. From distributing custom software and enforcing unique policies, to setting specific customer configs - if you can script it, you can turn it into a Worklet.

Automox Worklets 101 guide

Learn how to create custom policies, or Worklets, to apply updates across all your devices.

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Automox data sheet

Key benefits and technical requirements of our cloud-native patch management tool.

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Empower ITOps with Worklets

Extensible cyber hygiene

OS and third party applications require regular updates to remediate discovered vulnerabilities and ensure proper system configurations to achieve the highest standard of cyber hygiene. Automox Worklets ensure you can maintain the highest levels of cyber hygiene by automating and scheduling your patching and configuration tasks hands-free.

Join the automated cyber hygiene worklet community

Automox Worklets are imagined, built, and shared in the Automox Alive community. All Worklets within the Community Worklets menu have been reviewed and approved by Automox experts. For each Worklet, we'll set a descriptive name, OS for the Worklet, category, who created the Worklet from Automox, and when it was last updated.

Scripting with Automox Worklets

Automox Worklets consist of two code blocks that have an If-Then relationship. The first block is called “evaluation” and the second “remediation.” If the evaluation code block returns a non-zero, then the remediation block is run. Evaluation code executes every time an endpoint runs a scan. The remediation code runs according to the Worklet policy schedule after the evaluation code has flagged the device as needing remediation.

Having all my security status data centralized in one place makes my life a whole lot less stressful.

Corey Dolan // Network & Systems Administrator


Automox leads the industry in building and delivering modern cyber hygiene solutions that provide the fundamental benefits needed to be confident in system security.

Feature extensibility with Automox Worklets

Feature extensibility with Automox Worklets

Automox Worklets™ allow you to automate and enforce any scriptable action on endpoints regardless of location or domain, from software deployment to enforcing local configuration policies on an endpoint. If it can be scripted in PowerShell (Windows) or Bash (Linux and macOS), it can be automated across your organization's devices.

Automated OS & third-party patching tools

Automated OS & third-party patching tools

Running automated policies on your groups of devices enables you to patch vulnerabilities faster than adversaries can exploit them. Automatically patch third-party software from our growing software catalog or use Automox Worklets for even more control.

Automated Policy Enforcement

Automated Policy Enforcement

Our automated, cloud-native platform enables IT teams to manage software, blocklist software, enforce password settings, lock down USB access, and more with easy-to-set policies.You can fine-tune the target of your policies by grouping or tagging devices based on company needs, whether that's by department, geography, or security level.