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We’re on a mission to enable every IT Admin to automate the fundamental tasks that keep their corporation secure.

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The 8 Benefits of Automox

The Automox team is committed to building and delivering modern cyber hygiene solutions that give IT Managers confidence about the status of their system security. Automox is the only solution in the industry that provides the following eight core benefits:

  • 1.

    Cloud-Native Platform

    No servers to buy, no software to manage, no training to attend.

  • 2.

    Cross Operating System Support

    Works seamlessly across Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems, all managed from a single user interface.

  • 3.

    Pay Only for What You Protect

    Dynamic consumption based pricing that scales seamlessly with your business. Monthly and Annual plans available.

  • 4.

    Native 3rd Party Patching

    Keep notoriously difficult software titles including Adobe, Java, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox patched and configured correctly.

  • 5.

    Simple to Configure and Manage

    Beautifully designed user interface that enables you to quickly create and apply policies to any system anywhere in the world.

  • 6.

    Automated Control

    Choose the level of automation that best suits your security management style - from manual patch approvals to complete patch automation.

  • 7.

    A Single Platform of Record

    Reduce tool fatigue and fragmentation created by years of point solution purchases. Patch, configure, and report all from a single interface.

  • 8.

    Fully Customizable

    Create custom policies leveraging bash (Linux and MacOS) and Powershell (Windows) scripting to finely tailor Automox to your security use case.

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