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Union School District Relies on a Single Source for Patching

Education K-12


Before using Automox, Union School District (Union) used Mosyle for patch management, but frequently encountered problems. Updates wouldn’t always run, and the lack of visibility made it feel like a gamble when pushing out patches.

To complicate matters, Mosyle specialized in patching Apple devices, but Union uses devices across both Mac and Windows and needed coverage for both. It was important for the district to implement a product to support students who might need to use a Windows laptop, especially those with special needs who participate in individualized education programs.

  • Running patches successfully.

    Patches would run inconsistently, leaving vulnerabilities in Union's environment.

  • Securing both Mac and Windows devices.

    Union's previous patch management solution favored macOS over other operating systems.


When Union came across Automox, they knew it was going to be a game-changer and would support heightened cybersecurity measures within their county. The IT team at Union is small but had a big demand for resources, so they approached the transition to Automox as an opportunity to truly streamline their workflow.

Peace of Mind – While Maximizing Team Resources

"Automox gives us peace of mind.”

- Lisa DeLapo, Director of Information and Infrastructural Technology at Union

DeLapo notes that because schools are at increased risk for hacking attacks due to limited funding, it’s extra important to have confidence in Union's systems, as they do with Automox. In addition to the comfort of a reduced attack surface, Union also realized an increase in team productivity after switching to Automox. They have cut way down on the amount of time they previously spent patching vulnerabilities.

Protected, in a Cost-Effective Manner

Union's budget is among the ten lowest in California, meaning every solution has to maximize dollars spent. According to Union, Automox is affordable – and effective. The district is now able to use Automox to make sure it's complying with its cybersecurity insurance, too.

A Single Source of Patching

Before using Automox, Union was made aware of vulnerabilities by different sources: colleagues, Reddit threads, or third-party alerts with minimal context on how to patch or map to devices.

Now that Union's live with Automox, it has a single platform that maps vulnerabilities (CVEs) to available patches, by OS, without having to rely on inconsistent sources. The team quickly determines the immediacy with which identified vulnerabilities need to be patched and gets it done quickly and effectively. The need to scour the internet for potential vulnerabilities and their corresponding fixes is just no longer necessary.


Automox has been a game-changer for Union. In just a few weeks, the district rolled out Automox across school and student devices, without downing any systems, and now has complete visibility of all endpoints. The IT team can rest easier knowing that the district's environment – and students – are safe.

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