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Tractor and Equipment cuts time spent patching by 50%



Before Automox, Tractor and Equipment (T&E) used many services to manage its IT environment. Unfortunately, the Symantec anti-virus console lost idle devices, Cisco Meraki gave them application lists but didn’t export cleanly, and SCCM patch management was tough to maintain if the endpoints weren’t local.

Before finding Automox, T&E worked to solve the following puzzles:

  • Complete visibility. T&E needed to see which endpoints were being patched, especially if they sat idle for a long time.

  • Connectivity to devices. Technicians in the field with their endpoints needed to stay connected, even if they weren’t using a VPN.


Clint Freyeisen, Senior Help Desk - Information Technology, worked with Automox at his previous job. When surveying T&E’s environment, he knew Automox could make a significant difference. He wanted to employ a service that was easy from the start and gave him peace of mind.

Visibility into patching

Freyeisen reports it’s standard practice to sort assets into groups. Using Automox, he can run test groups before a mass patch so all runs smoothly. With group patching, it’s easy to see what’s running successfully and guarantee devices aren’t missed.

Scheduling updates

The T&E team uses the scheduling feature to push updates to devices outside working hours. That way no workflows are disrupted and employees rely on their devices. All their endpoints need is an internet connection and the updates run automatically.

Significant time savings

Freyeisen reports the most important benefit of Automox would be the time his team is saving. The dashboard’s easy to use, and since it’s web-based T&E can see everything in real-time, it’s a leap ahead of the previous gaps they experienced.

The team members say they’re able to complete exponentially more tasks in their day but have cut down on time spent on patching by about 50%.

"Automox is a breeze. Our team is now fluent in the console and we’re reaping the benefits of maintaining a well-managed environment."

- Clint Freyeisen Senior Help Desk Information Technology


After a full analysis of T&E's endpoint management options across a list of industry leaders, Automox came out ahead of the pack. Automox addressed T&E’s wishlist of requirements to take their endpoint management solution further. T&E elevated its endpoint management strategy and deployment in no time.

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