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City of Edinburg Wins Back Time and Saves Big with Automox

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The City of Edinburg houses a large IT estate that, since the pandemic, has become a hybrid environment. Since the city now uses Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems, they needed a solution that would equally patch and secure each OS.

Before finding Automox, the City of Edinburg was working to solve:

  • Managing different OS environments

    Solutions such as WSUS left the City of Edinburg with a gap in their Linux and Mac environments, making part of their IT landscape vulnerable.

  • Cyber hygiene

    After working for the city for over fifteen years, Daniel Vera knew when he accepted the role of Director of Information Technology that efforts around cyber hygiene and security would be top initiatives. The team had to rely on clunky, on-prem legacy tools to support their remote devices.


After having the opportunity to speak with another public sector Automox customer, the City of Edinburg knew Automox would provide the best patch management experience. The city was able to go live in just days and had its environment completely set up within weeks.

Automox Secures Off-Site Devices

The City of Edinburg uses Automox to secure devices such as laptops and tablets in their police, permit, and water inspection units. With employees working outside City Hall, it was important to the City of Edinburg to have a cloud-based solution that didn’t need VPN to run updates on devices. Now the IT Department doesn’t need assets (such as police cars) brought to City Hall, nor do they need to make home visits for immediate patches – they can update everything remotely.

Worklets Allow the City to Customize Automation

The City of Edinburg staff members are proponents of Automox Worklets. They’ve adopted the famous saying, “If you can script it, you can automate it.” Their main use case employs Worklets to manage installed and uninstalled software. Worklets allow the department to use shortcuts to gain visibility into device connectivity and automate deployment and patches.

City of Edinburg Wins Back Time and Saves Big with Automox

The City of Edinburg reports significant reduction in manpower used to patch and manage updates. Previously, the city would spend numerous working days running updates. Tactically, the IT department runs these updates when it will least disrupt other employees’ workdays, and do so with complete visibility.

Perhaps the largest change for the City of Edinburg is that Automox now allows them to monitor and develop policies around third-party software. Prior to implementation, the city didn’t have visibility into third-party software, but now they do and have closed a significant vulnerability gap.


The City of Edinburg has developed a close relationship with Automox, allowing them to reach their goals. They have insight into every aspect of their IT environment, whether that be across OS or third-party software. Combine the security with their cost-savings, and Automox has been a resounding success for IT goals at the City of Edinburg.

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