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MSP Success Story: Dutch Technology eXperts

Dutch Technology eXperts (DTX) turns to Automox to provide full-service endpoint security to its customers

Maikel Roolvink, Manager of Security Operations

DTX has over 20 years of experience providing managed services for IT infrastructure and information security to organizations in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. The company supports a diverse client base, from small-to-medium businesses to enterprises. DTX helps these organizations manage the growing demands on corporate IT by providing additional resources to support their customers’ security initiatives.

DTX offers security monitoring and vulnerability management services to their customers, where they help these organizations discover what systems are vulnerable to potential breach or attack. With the massive shift to remote work and the growing complexity of their customers’ IT infrastructure, many of their customers are unable to stay up to date and in control of the IT requirements necessary to tackle a significant increase in disclosed vulnerabilities. While DTX also provides some patching support, they were limited to patching only Microsoft Windows systems. They were looking to offer additional support for macOS, Linux, and third-party applications without the traditional increase of complexity.

"As more and more vulnerabilities are disclosed, we are seeing a significant increase in digital criminal activity. It seems that every day you read about a new breach or ransomware victim because of ineffective patch management or endpoint hardening procedures."

// Maikel Roolvink, Manager Security Operations at DTX

DTX chose the Automox endpoint management platform because it offers cross-platform support and provides patching of third-party applications. Because Automox is cloud-native, they were able to easily integrate it as part of their offering without accruing significant cost to purchase, maintain, and operate the patching and endpoint hardening solution.

With Automox, DTX can manage the full breadth of their customers’ Windows, macOS, and Linux systems from one dashboard view — which significantly reduces the time on task, simplifies IT management, and allows them to patch at anytime, anywhere. Additionally, DTX has the flexibility to offer additional services or support through Automox Worklets. Worklets allow them to be innovative in how they help their customers better secure their corporate systems.

DTX recently signed on an existing customer to use Automox for patching and endpoint hardening. When DTX presented the business case to this customer, they were easily convinced of the value and improved security the Automox service would offer them. DTX deployed the Automox agent across a few hundred endpoints, and immediately began applying policies and started patching. The customer was amazed and impressed with how quickly and easily DTX was able to get them up and running with the patching service.

The following graph shows the vulnerability findings after applying patches using Automox.

"Our expertise in security monitoring and vulnerability management can now be leveraged to improve the security posture of organizations. We can discover the vulnerabilities, and quickly and easily remediate them with Automox."

// Maikel Roolvink, Manager Security Operations at DTX

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