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27 IT and Cybersecurity Stats to Put on Your Radar

It’s always a good idea to climb as high as you can above the day-to-day traffic (eg: work tasks, headlines, articles, and tweets) to take stock of industry trends and statistics. Doing so can help you reroute your workflow GPS and concentrate on the most beneficial ways to direct your focus. Now is as good a time as any to take a look at where the ITOps and SecOps industries stand in terms of statistics and trends.

So without further ado, here are some top stats related to patch management, cloud solutions, cybersecurity, IT staffing, and more.

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Patching and endpoint management

  1. 20,168 patches were reported in 2021, and just over 11,000 have already been reported in 2022. (CVE Details)

  2. 93% of ITOps teams still rely on some degree of labor-intensive scripting to automate their endpoint management efforts. (AimPoint Group)

  3. 84% of companies reported they struggle to manage their endpoints; Additionally, 84% of enterprises rely on five or more tools (and 60% use more than ten) for endpoint management. (AimPoint Group)

  4. In 2021, organizations took over six months (193.1 days), on average, to fix a critical security vulnerability. In 2020, the amount of time to fix vulnerabilities was nearly the same (194.8). (Dark Reading)

    IT operations and cloud solutions

  5. In 2022, remote work accelerated modernization efforts inspiring 49% of companies to increase their IT budgets. The rise in investment indicates a shift from legacy tech to cloud solutions. (Spiceworks Ziff Davis)

  6. CIOs and CTOs are looking to increase their adoption of cloud technology and microservices. As such, Nasdaq states the number of cloud-ready applications across global markets will increase by approximately 30% in the next four years. (Nasdaq)

  7. Over 99% of organizations this year have already adopted cloud-native solutions for endpoint management or plan to do so within the next two years. (AimPoint Group)

  8. More than 70% of global organizations will be running two or more containerized applications in the cloud by 2023. (Container Journal)


  9. By 2025, 45% of organizations across the globe will have experienced cyberattacks on their software supply chains – three times as much as in 2021. (Gartner)

  10. Cybercriminals can penetrate 93% of company networks. (Forbes)

  11. Only 50% of companies actually have a cybersecurity program in place. Of those, a whopping 32% have not changed their cybersecurity plan since just before the pandemic. (UpCity)

  12. In 2022, the most common causes of cyber-attacks are malware (22%) and phishing (20%). (Forbes)

  13. In 2021, cybercrime cost U.S. businesses more than $6.9 billion. Today, only 43% of enterprises feel financially prepared to face such a threat. (Forbes)

    Small business and enterprise IT

  14. 66% of surveyed businesses experienced a cyberattack in the past year. (Accenture Cost of Cybercrime Study)

  15. 43% of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses. Moreover, only 14% are prepared to defend themselves. (Accenture Cost of Cybercrime Study)

  16. Security Magazine reports that 47% of companies with fewer than 50 employees don’t have a dedicated budget for cybersecurity. Furthermore, only 18% of companies with over 250 employees have such a budget. (Security Magazine)

    IT in the public sector

  17. In 2022, increased investments in digital technologies will see governments spend 64% of total IT spending on IT services and software to improve responsiveness and resilience of public services. (Gartner)

  18. 86% of federal, state, local, and education decision-makers said they’re likely to incorporate actions laid out in Biden’s cybersecurity executive order. (American City & County)

    IT for remote and hybrid workforces

  19. 58% of companies are pivoting to permanent hybrid work models. (AimPoint Group)

  20. Nearly one out of every four job-seekers will research employment opportunities at new companies in 2022. Since the fully-distributed model has become normalized, 86% of employment seekers will consider remote roles. (Spiceworks Ziff Davis)

  21. As 5G tech rolls out through 2022, the use of mobile devices is forecasted to increase. Over 60% of U.S. employees will rely on BYODs (bring your own devices) to complete their daily tasks by the end of 2024. (AimPoint Group)

    IT staffing and retention

  22. 83% of companies will struggle to maintain strong cybersecurity for their hybrid workforce. (SHRM)

  23. 73% of companies will have a hard time managing return-to-office health and safety protocols, software, apps, and data. (SHRM)

  24. 73% of companies are focused on recruiting technologists and filling tech positions. (SHRM)

  25. 80% of organizations believe their employees suffer from burnout. (Pluralsight)

  26. Knowledge workers currently spend 85% of their time in meetings. Recent studies show such high amounts of meeting time negatively affect workers’ physical and mental well-being. (MIT)

  27. When a weekly no-meeting day is implemented, studies show autonomy and satisfaction improve – which directly decreases stress. (MIT)

Looking forward to 2023 and beyond

As a result of the ongoing digital transformation, IT teams are depended on more than ever. If you haven’t already, empower your team to:

  • Maintain full visibility into all of your organization’s endpoints

  • Leverage automation whenever possible

  • Consolidate your tools in the cloud

  • Prevent burnout and increase retention

Together, these efforts will go a long way in supporting sustainable and resilient IT operations.

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