2022 State of IT Operations Report

Powering the Modern Workforce

So much has changed in our workplaces the past few years. How are ITOps teams keeping up? Download this report to learn what nearly 500 IT and security professionals have to say about today's most pressing topics - and see how your own team stacks up.

State of IT Operations

The Modern Workforce Is Here to Stay

The modern workforce depends on both on-site infrastructure and cloud infrastructure to support remote work. These demands have essentially doubled ITOps' workload. Data from this year's report show how teams are changing their approach to try to keep up.

60% of organizations say they use more than 10 tools and solutions to manage their endpoints alone.

Many organizations have stacked tool on top of tool, relying on a sprawling and inefficient patchwork of endpoint products and scripts. The result is a lack of visibility and effectiveness.

93% of ITOps teams still rely on some degree of labor-intensive scripting to automate endpoint management.

Incorporating automation to bolster efficiency and power workforce productivity is no longer a new or optional approach.

99.1% of organizations have already adopted cloud-native solutions for endpoint management or plan to do so within the next two years.

Stakeholders recognize that the modern workforce is here to stay, and they see the value that cloud-native solutions have to offer: better visibility, faster deployment, and much-needed scalability.

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