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How to Get Home on Time Every Patch Tuesday

4 Tips to Help You Manage Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Every Patch Tuesday brings a tidal wave of security patches to implement. But it’s not always all about Patch Tuesday. Unexpected zero-day vulnerabilities can throw your schedule off at any time. 

Keeping up with the constant flow of patches can feel like a never-ending battle and prevent you from ever enjoying the ‘balance’ part of a seemingly elusive work-life balance.

Working to resolve issues on Patch Tuesday or tackling other zero-days that care not about your friends, family, or other commitments and interests often leads to sad pets, missed t-ball games, or cold dinner plates.

4 tips to get you home on Patch Tuesday

Here are 4 tips to help you keep your head above water and ease patching so you can make it home on time – even on Patch Tuesday! 

1. Use automation to your advantage

Automation is the ace up your sleeve when it comes to managing and deploying patches. Automation tools can streamline the process of identifying, downloading, and implementing patches, freeing up your time for other crucial tasks. Don’t be caught in the trap of manually patching – use the power of automation to make your life easier.

2. Stay up to date on vulnerabilities

Knowledge is power and staying informed about the latest vulnerabilities gives you an edge. Make it a habit to check trusted sources for updates on new threats. Being forewarned is being forearmed – staying up to date helps you prepare and react swiftly to new vulnerabilities.

Below is a short list dependable hubs for cyber security research:

These companies and agencies are dedicated to cybersecurity and can be used as trusted sources. Also, be sure to check out the Automox Patch Tuesday Central for an overview of the monthly threats.

3. Patch regularly, patch often

Regular patching is the best defense against most threats. It's not enough to simply wait for Patch Tuesday – you need to be vigilant and proactive every day. 

Regular patching keeps your systems up to date, reducing the risk of being hit by a zero-day exploit. Patch regularly, patch often, and rest easy knowing your systems are effectively updated. 

4. Employ an effective endpoint management solution

An effective endpoint management solution can be a game-changer that helps you maintain control over all the devices in your organization, making sure they’re all up-to-date and that every device is patched and protected, reducing your vulnerability surface.

An endpoint management solutions is more than just a tool, it’s a partner in managing your IT environment. Automox can provide you with the visibility and control that will help your organization handle any patching challenge, no matter the size or complexity.

For example, August 2023 Patch Tuesday included a rather scary Remote Code Execution vulnerability (CVE-2023-36910). Within two hours of CVE-2023-36910 being disclosed, Automox had a Worklet prepared to address this vulnerability. Once we made that Worklet available, our customers could quickly begin mitigating.

The takeaway: 4 tips to manage zero-day vulnerabilities

Remember, in the world of information, prevention is always better than struggling last minute to find a cure. 

By putting these four tips into play – staying informed, using automation, patching regularly, and managing your endpoints – you’ll have an effective playbook for getting home on time and adding some balance back into your life.

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