9 Reasons for Automated Patching

Automox is hyper focused on making patching simple and easy. There is no reason for you to spend excess time and energy on an element of your job that is better handled with automation. Automated patching has come a long way over the years. Cloud-native automation has made the once tedious process of patching faster than it takes you to order a latte from your favorite coffee shop.

If you’re still on the fence about upgrading your existing patching process, here are nine reasons why automated patch management makes IT operations more productive.

1. Reduce patching work by 50%
Let’s be honest, you have better things to do with your time than spend it running around manually patching software or dealing with the headaches of legacy on-premises patch management solutions. Automated patching reduces the amount of work required to apply patches. Our customers have told us they have up to half of a full-time employee’s time back to work on other priorities besides patching. From downloading, applying, and reporting on patch status, let the software do the lion’s share of the work so you can focus on more important tasks.

2. Easy to set up
If you’re worried about the time to value, a good cloud-based solution takes minutes to set up. Simply sign-up and start adding endpoints. For bulk deployment, you can use active directory, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, JumpCloud, or CrowdStrike among others to quickly get the agent loaded onto every device in your network.

3. Plug and play
Once the agent is installed, your device estate is available within the Automox console. You can add new devices as they come online, create policies, or simply deploy patches immediately. No need to stand up and configure a go-between server or deal with a professional services team taking a month or more to get you started. Automated patching by design is intuitive and easy to use so you can spend your time doing other important tasks instead of learning a new solution.

4. Improves network visibility
Part of the reason people never get around to patching is that they have multiple tools for managing various platforms. Not anymore. With an automated patching solution, you’ll have your entire device estate at your fingertips. You can see every endpoint, its configuration, and what patches are outstanding - no matter its location or domain.

5. Patch and deploy as often or as fast as you need to
Now that you can see where your vulnerabilities are, it’s as easy as pressing a button to start deploying patches. That black hole of patches you had been avoiding is closing up before your very eyes. You can choose what patches you want to deploy, which devices will be updated, and at a time that doesn’t disrupt their productivity. Research suggests that staying ahead of adversaries means remediating critical vulnerabilities within 72 hours, and zero-day vulnerabilities within 24 hours. With an automated patch management solution you can do that.

6. Improves endpoint security
Being able to see new software, overdue updates, and changes to endpoint configuration puts security control in your hands. With automated patch management you can configure patching policies to update critical or zero-day vulnerabilities as you receive them, keeping your corporate attack surface smaller than what it would be without automated patching solutions.

7. Integrates with other software
Have Linux endpoints in your environment? No problem. Managing a lot of third party software? We’ve got you covered. Keep Adobe, Microsoft Office 365, Chrome, and Firefox among others up to date. Automated patching solutions like Automox play nicely with your existing software and complement your security suite.

8. Meet compliance goals
Whether internally mandated or externally required, regulatory and compliance needs are increasing in addition to the stakes for non-compliance. Through policy automation, you can monitor your entire network and act autonomously when an endpoint goes out of compliance.

9. Future proof with cloud-based technologies
With cloud-native automated patching, you’re moving away from having to deal with the technical debt of on-premises patch management solutions. You’ll always have the most up-to-date features and functionality without having to lift a finger.

About Automox Patch Management

Today’s IT leaders deserve better than tedious legacy tools to manage their infrastructure. From our single cloud-native platform, automate and scale your IT operations to meet the growing business demands of the modern workforce. With complete visibility of your entire environment, you can easily monitor, identify, and respond to issues in real-time across any endpoint, regardless of OS or location.

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