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2021 IT Operations Report

There’s no other way to say it – this past year has been intense. The dramatic uptick in remote work coupled with heightened cybersecurity threats has jolted companies into action, prompting businesses to seek out new technologies and processes. But this fast transition has come with a cost. IT Ops (IT managers, system administrators, and system engineers) have borne the brunt of the shift – working overtime to manage thousands of new devices, endpoints, and support requests.

In the 2021 State of IT Operations Report, AimPoint Group uncovers some of the major challenges faced by IT Ops teams across 15 industries.

  • Close to 80% of the 501 survey participants report increased difficulty with endpoint management due to remote work.
  • Around 60% report it takes their organization more than 3 days to patch cloud and remote devices and over 30 days to patch remote laptops, remote desktops and cloud servers, which leaves these companies exposed and at high risk for a cyberattack.
  • Different from years past, insufficient staffing now falls to the bottom of the list when it comes to factors hindering IT Ops’ ability to perform essential endpoint management. Instead, respondents say their biggest issues are managing and maintaining multiple, inflexible tools across distributed sites.

So, how are organizations planning to address the massive headache this past year has caused and better prepare for what’s to come? Rather than continuing to cobble together traditional on-premises or hybrid tools, 93.2% of survey participants plan to switch to cloud endpoint management solutions like Automox within the next two years. A cloud-native approach enables faster deployment, greater scalability, and real-time visibility and control over IT environments – all things that are no longer just “nice-to-haves.” To keep up with distributed workforces and provide true strategic value to their businesses, IT Ops will need to be cloud-native.

Download the full report with industry findings to see how your organization may need to adapt.

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About Automox Cloud-Native IT Operations

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