Welcome to the Next Evolution of IT operations.

Get full visibility and effortlessly manage your entire, increasingly decentralized IT landscape - all from a single, cloud-native platform. That's the IT Operations Cloud.

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Cloud-native is the future of IT Ops. See how much you'll save vs. legacy, on-prem management tools.


It's time to see IT in a new light.

Realize strategic value from your IT operations and deliver data-driven insights that propel your organization forward and create a competitive advantage.


Ditch the patchwork of legacy tools.

One cloud-native platform with no hardware or cumbersome VPNs required for full functionality.

Don't settle for limited visibility.

See your entire global infrastructure from a single console, regardless of OS.

Stop accepting that it can't be done.

Take any action, anywhere, at any time. Rapidly remediate your devices without limitations.

Infrastructure datacenter server cloud workloads endpoints Automox visibility, insights, and control act analyze access integrations partners EDR ITSM API Visibility Confidence and certainty about your environment Continuously up-to-date device and software inventory Windows, macOS and Linux all from a single agent Insights Rapid remediation of detected vulnerabilities Automated IT Operations based on actionable insights Real-time, global insights with zero end-user impact Control Management and enforcement for any configuration Automation-focused architecture with infinite scalability Unlimited action across the entire infrastructure

It’s time for a new approach to IT operations with workflow automation, real-time data insights, and instant actions.

Automation and IT operations


Focus more time and resources on strategic initiatives and less on tedious, routine tasks by introducing workflow automation into your IT operations. Automation is the only way to scale IT teams to meet the dramatically increasing workloads. Automation-focused architectures like Automox allow IT operations to create any custom task or policy and automate it across the entire estate, regardless of device or location.


Achieve continuous observability, regardless of your environment, location, or device. Whether you manage cloud infrastructure, on-premises devices or highly mobile remote workforces, know that you can make informed decisions instantly and confidently. Interact with a real-time digital twin of every device you manage and apply the insights gathered from a globally enabled IT operations platform.

Insights into IT Ops
Speed of IT operations


Instantly adapt to changing requirements using a cloud-native platform built for a continuously evolving IT landscape. Never worry about how to seamlessly support an increasingly remote workforce or accommodate future needs. Leverage Automox's infinite actions and zero-infrastructure approach to enable IT operations to effortlessly scale at the speed of the business.

Joseph T.

Joseph T.

"Automox has saved us on multiple tasks at least 10 to 15 hours a week... just having Automox at our fingertips has enabled us to do stuff so much quicker, so much easier."

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Brett A.

Brett A.

"The savings in man-hours alone, in switching from that to Automox, means Automox has paid for itself. we've probably saved hundreds of hours a month, at least."

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Jack S.

Jack S.

"Coming from prior solutions that were a lot more effort, Automox's patch management abilities are transformational."

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Discover how you can overcome the limitations of legacy IT management tools with the IT Operations Cloud from Automox.

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