Make sure users don't feel the impact of endpoint hardening.

What is a lightweight patch agent?

Patch management software requires an agent installed on each managed device. Ideally, these agents run unnoticeably in the background and do not impact users, which requires a lightweight agent with a small file size and minimal code. This leads to less complexity and resource requirements. It should carry less data to perform efficiently in a given environment.

Lightweight agents are inherently smaller, simpler, and faster to deploy. Today's organizations manage an ever-expanding quantity and scope of devices. Faced with the necessity to deploy and maintain tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of agents, lightweight agent architecture is critical to minimizing network and user impact.

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Key benefits and technical requirements of our cloud-native patch management tool.

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Agent installation overview

Learn more about the Automox Agent and how quickly you can set up patching policies.

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Minimal Agent Footprint

Agent footprint

Automox uses a single agent for all Windows, macOS, and Linux systems. The lightweight agent is highly efficient with low I/O and CPU overhead.

The smaller lightweight agent footprint and low CPU overhead allow Automox to harden endpoints without impacting the users or business.

Imperceptible performance tax

Automox's lightweight agent maintains a persistent encrypted session with the Automox Cloud securely. The lightweight agent can accomplish this with an imperceptible tax on the endpoint's performance.

Minimal agent requirements

The Automox Agent is extremely lightweight. It only requires access to the Automox server and connectivity to a patch source to function.

Deploy Automox agent quickly

You can deploy the Automox lightweight agent using the installer and installation script or your preferred package management tool. Once the agent is installed, you have immediate access to the hardware and software inventory on the connected devices.

It just works. The client is easy to deploy and it is easy and intuitive to configure the policies.

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Automox leads the industry in building and delivering modern cyber hygiene solutions that provide the fundamental benefits needed to be confident in system security.

Endpoint hardening from a single console

Endpoint hardening from a single console

The lightweight Automox agent can be deployed and utilized within minutes. Once the agent is installed, you can patch, configure, take inventory, and report to all your endpoints from a single interface, no matter the location or domain.

Quickly remediate vulnerabilities

Quickly remediate vulnerabilities

Automated policies and groups enable administrators to remediate vulnerabilities quickly across all their corporate devices. From “click, set, forget” automation to complete scheduling and workflow control, Automox results in incredible time savings, greater corporate security, and improved productivity.

Feature extensibility with Automox Worklets™

Feature extensibility with Automox Worklets™

Automox Worklets™ allow you to automate and enforce any scriptable action on endpoints regardless of location or domain, from software deployment to enforcing local configuration policies on an endpoint. If it can be scripted in PowerShell (Windows) or Bash (Linux and macOS), it can be automated across your organization's devices.