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Network Health Check

This Worklet will run a series of network diagnostic checks

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Introduction to the Powershell-based Run Network Diagnostic Checks Worklet

The Run Network Diagnostic Checks Worklet is a PowerShell-based tool designed to help network administrators diagnose and address network-related issues in Windows. This innovative Worklet eliminates the need for manual network troubleshooting and streamlines the process of identifying and resolving connectivity issues.

It performs a comprehensive analysis of the network configuration, checking WiFi signal strength, packet drops, latency, machine uptime, and even RAM and CPU usage.

Why would you use the Run Network Diagnostic Checks Worklet?

Network issues can be elusive and difficult to pinpoint. Using the Run Network Diagnostic Checks Worklet provides an efficient and accurate means of investigating potential problems in your network. It ensures rapid detection and resolution of issues affecting network performance, thus decreasing downtime and improving productivity.

It's an essential tool in the toolbox of a network administrator or anyone tasked with maintaining network services.

Components of the Run Network Diagnostic Checks Worklet

This diagnostic tool runs a WiFi signal test, a latency and packet drop test via ping to a DNS server, a traceroute to identify high-latency hops, a check on machine uptime, and an assessment of RAM and CPU usage.

All these components work together to provide a holistic view of network performance, offering valuable network data that can help pinpoint network problems.

How does the Run Network Diagnostic Checks Worklet work?

The Worklet operates by running a series of network diagnostics. For instance, it checks the strength of the WiFi signal over time, pings the Google DNS server to evaluate packet drop and latency, and performs a traceroute to the same server to identify any high-latency routes.

It also calculates the total machine uptime and monitors the amount of free RAM available and CPU usage over a ten-second period. The results are then written to an activity log for further analysis and action.

What is the expected outcome when you use the Run Network Diagnostic Checks Worklet?

The Run Network Diagnostic Checks Worklet provides actionable insights into issues such as weak WiFi signals, high network latency, or insufficient RAM and CPU availability. It generates a detailed report with information about network adapters, IP addresses, and other relevant network data.

This makes it a valuable resource for network administrators seeking to identify and resolve network connectivity issues, enhancing the operational efficiency of the network.

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