Automox Security

Operational cloud experience at scale

The Automox team has over three decades of operational experience designing and securing multi-tenant cloud and internet applications at scale. Our team comes from some of the most successful and sought after internet companies including, SendGrid, SolidFire, StillSecure, and LeftHand Networks. All team members undergo mandatory background checks prior to employment. 

No single points of failure

The Automox architecture uses clustered services to ensure high-availability and reliability as well as the ability to quickly scale with demand. All services are run on two or more servers with load balancers distributing load evenly. Loss of a server is not an issue as a new one is quickly provisioned to take its place.

All data is replicated to at least one additional server in a different geographic region and all data is backed up on a scheduled basis with regular testing of the restore process.

Data Encyption: Modern and mandatory

All private data exchanged with Automox takes place over encrypted channels. Our website and APIs communicate using TLS 1.2 over the standard HTTPS port 443. All enabled cipher suites utilize Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) for key negotiation and AES-128 or higher encryption.

The Automox agent uses PKI encryption to authenticate the endpoint to our servers. Upon mutual authentication, all communication between Automox and the endpoint is secured.

All access to production infrastructure is established through encrypted VPN connections. SSH sessions are regularly used for terminal sessions and data transfer between our servers.

We use modern salted cryptographic algorithms to secure selected sensitive data stored in our database.

Payment processing managed on our behalf by Stripe

All credit card processing is handled by Stripe, and no credit card numbers are stored or handled by Automox or its employees. Stripe has PCI Compliant security architecture in place to ensure your payment information is kept secure.

Development process focused on quality and security
The Automox software is developed using a modern quality-driven process and mindset to ensure high reliability. All product changes undergo rigorous automated and manual testing in a staging environment to detect and eliminate operational and security issues before deployment to production.

Endpoint Agent: Secure by design

The Automox endpoint agent is responsible for monitoring and controlling the endpoint patch and management process. To facilitate this, the agent requires privileged access to the system in order to access secured locations of the system. Because of this privilege, we have architected the agent with multiple security features to protect the endpoint.

The agent is written in a modern systems language with features to prevent common coding errors that can lead to security vulnerabilities. As mentioned above all communications are encrypted with TLS and authenticated with public-key cryptography. We have automated test suites that test agent integrity and ensure the agent is not vulnerable to replay or MITM attacks.

Always evolving and improving

We know security is not a one-and-done effort so we’re always working to improve our security. Here’s a peek at some of our future plans:

Role Based Access Controls
SAML Single Sign-On
Agent access control through sudo
SSAE16 Type II Certification expected in 2019

Need-based access policies, mandatory logging

At Automox, we implement IAM policies and partition access to our systems to give our team members the least amount of access to perform their development and maintenance tasks. Need-based access is granted on a per-employee basis and regularly reviewed. VPN access is required to access the production environment, and all access to infrastructure and systems are logged and audited on a regular basis.

Production servers are completely isolated from all staging, development, and build systems.

Automox uses monitoring software to track all server logins and privileged command execution, alerting on any anomalous activity. All log files are written to centralized log hosts which are hardened and monitored using OSSEC and other tools.

We appreciate responsible disclosure

If you believe you have found a security vulnerability in our product we would appreciate your help in disclosing it to us at

You may encrypt your communications with the PGP key below:

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