On-Demand Webinar: Mastering Secure Automation - Dodge the Dangers of Unsigned PowerShell

As IT operations have modernized and moved from on-prem to the cloud, IT admins have faced challenges with PowerShell.

When PowerShell was first introduced, it opened an entirely new realm of possibilities for systems administrators. Admins could script nearly any action on a Windows machine and push it out across their network. Not only can it be daunting and time-consuming to write PowerShell, but unsigned scripts present a significant security risk to organizations and are an easy target for threat actors. But there is a solution to these challenges. 

In this on-demand webinar, Automox CISO and SVP of Product, Jason Kikta, and Tom Bowyer, Director of Security, dive into how IT teams can quickly and easily leverage signed PowerShell to automate any task, on any endpoint.

Watch now to hear how we unwrap:

  • The high stakes security risk that scripting poses for IT teams and effective measures to ensure critical endpoint management tasks are secure

  • How to leverage PowerShell signing to enforce separation of duties between administrators

  • How to securely generate, store, and distribute key’s across your endpoints

  • How to get the strongest possible technical control between authorization to write and authorization to execute

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