Automox's 2024 State of ITOps Report Review

How to achieve high ITOps efficiency with insights from over 500 ITOps professionals

Every year, Automox surveys over 500 IT professionals to answer burning questions about where the IT industry is and where it’s headed. One resounding theme for the current state of IT and expectations for 2024 is that there’s only one guarantee – change. How quickly and efficiently teams adapt to that change is crucial to the success of IT teams.

IT agility and efficiency are critical to responsiveness, user productivity, and keeping security hazards at bay. Yet, in our latest study, we found less than half of organizations (44%) report a high level of IT agility. Becoming more efficient can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! In this webinar, our panel of experts dive into the report data and share actionable steps you can take to increase your organization's IT efficiency in 2024.

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