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Automox Worklets Datasheet

Create, automate, and enforce custom tasks in minutes

What does the average IT environment look like today? Generally, it’s a lot of devices, a lot of operating systems, tons of tools, and not enough people to keep everything running securely. The outcome usually requires extra work and tool-specific knowledge to manage everything.

Empower your ITOps to take their time back with Automox Worklets. Eliminate manual tasks across all your endpoints (regardless of OS or location) and improve your endpoint security posture and compliance. With Automox, there’s no need to spend hours combing through audit spreadsheets or applying fixes manually.

Simplify actions by eliminating time-consuming tasks while consolidating tools and removing legacy dependencies, like VPNs.

  • Eliminate configuration drift

  • Consolidate tools

Easily automate tasks with pre-scripted Worklets that automate soul-crushing, manual tasks, and reduce burnout for IT and security teams.

  • Simplify IT and security workflows

  • VPN-free automation

Improve your security posture through targeted configuration and vulnerability remediation.

  • Deploy and remove software

  • Find and fix vulnerabilities


Automox Worklets are script-based units of work that consolidate your tooling and automate work – from configuration, vulnerability remediation, provisioning, and other routine and repetitive tasks across Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Worklets save money, reduce cyber risk, and save your IT team members time (and their sanity).

Leverage our catalog of pre-built Worklets or customize them for your unique environment to strengthen endpoint security controls and meet compliance standards without breaking a sweat.

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