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Operate More Efficiently & Respond to Growing Public Need with Automox

All your endpoints. Always configured. Always secured.

You’re out there, every day, fighting the good fight. Whether your organization protects, educates, heals, or governs people, what you do is purposeful and necessary.
But as you know, there are tough realities when it comes to working in state and local government or education. Funding can be erratic and scarce, the hardware and software you work with can be old and out-of-date, and finding well-trained IT staff can be challenging. Additionally, you have ever-increasing security risks to contend with. In 2021, cyberattacks on education organizations were up by 75% worldwide, with government sector attacks up 47%.
Fortunately, a modern, cloud-native solution like Automox can fully protect your endpoints, require far less time and expertise from your staff, and cost less than what you’re paying now for legacy systems.


The NASCIO State CIO Top Ten Priorities includes three items that Automox can help you tackle:

  1. Moving to more cloud services

  2. Improving cybersecurity and risk management

  3. Modernizing legacy systems

  • Automox was developed as a cloud-native solution to eliminate expensive hardware and troublesome VPN connections, allowing IT teams to take their time back and gain control of their endpoints.

  • With Automox, your organization can eliminate risk and improve cybersecurity through better, automated control over endpoint patching.

  • You can replace legacy hardware-based operations solutions with a light, highly secure cloud solution.


  • Outdated and hard-to-manage tools

  • Unreliable risk management practices and cybersecurity infrastructure

  • Budgetary constraints and little appetite to update IT infrastructure

  • Difficulty finding and retaining top IT talent

Eliminate risk and automate the configuration, patching, and compliance of your Windows, macOS, and Linux systems with one cloud-native platform.


IT departments need fast, easy-to-use tools to power their organizations. There isn’t time to spend months installing new hardware and training staff on new (or legacy) systems, helping users with VPN connections, and doing one manual patch after another.

With Automox, an IT manager can eliminate up to 97% of the time they spend on patching, reducing their workload from 30 or more hours per week to just one or two. Fewer repetitive tasks frees up small teams to do more strategic work and expend far less capital expense.

  • Fast set-up

  • Zero maintenance

  • Remote patching with no VPN

  • Frictionless work-from-home support

  • Automatic patching/ configuration/software deployment


Public sectors are key cybercrime targets. Bad actors know that governmental agencies and educational systems often use older, legacy systems to manage their endpoints, and take advantage of the many ways these systems can be infiltrated. The best defense is to maintain basic cyber hygiene by addressing every vulnerability found, fast.

Automox can surface vulnerabilities and automate patching, so even before you hear about a vulnerability, an Automox automated patching policy is on the case, providing you with a prioritized list in your management console. In seconds you can approve and execute remediation tasks to ensure endpoint protection is up-to-date.

Automox has also partnered with security solutions like Qualys, Tenable, Rapid7, CrowdStrike and others to provide remediation for detected vulnerabilities.

  • Automatic patching policy enforcement

  • Syncs with your vulnerability scanning solution

  • Fast ingest and remediation


Automox is cloud-native, which means no hardware infrastructure or VPN connections required. Windows, Mac and Linux endpoints can be configured and managed, no matter where they’re located, from one console. It’s no wonder NASCIO recommends moving to a cloud-native solution like Automox because it:

  • Reduces hardware burden and cost

  • Easy access to all endpoints without VPNs

  • Reduces risk with cloud redundancy

  • Operates from a single console

  • Protects remote endpoints anywhere


If budget constraints are a pain point for your organization, here’s an important fact: Automox can help you reduce operational costs by up to 80%.

Legacy and on-premises IT operations solutions accrue mountains of overhead cost on:

  • Multiple hardware servers

  • Specialized operations personnel

  • Content delivery networks

  • Long installation time and lengthy staff training

  • Maintenance and support contracts

  • Time-consuming software update installations


Automox makes it easy to keep all your endpoints updated and ready for users, wherever they are in the world, so you and your colleagues can focus on the aspects of your work that matter most – serving, educating, protecting, healing, and governing.

  • Spend fewer hours doing more

  • Fix vulnerabilities fast

  • Replace clunky legacy tools

  • Slash cost and complexity

  • Manage your endpoints from anywhere

  • Protect your budget by cutting operational costs and complexity


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