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Enterprises Gain Greater Visibility & Access with Zero-Touch, VPN-free Endpoint Management

When it comes to endpoint management, enterprises with more than 100,000 endpoints are struggling to find an easy-to-use, comprehensive patching and endpoint hardening solution that can meet the needs of today’s workforce. Enterprises of this size are being challenged to manage devices and systems that vary widely across the organization. They must maintain multiple domains, a large variety of third-party software, and various configuration and security requirements across all of these devices that are located around the world.

Complicating matters is the fact that many of these enterprises are bound to complex, legacy on-premises patching and endpoint hardening tools that were designed for a different era.

Over the course of decades, these organizations have made considerable investments in on-premises IT infrastructure, not to mention growing large IT teams that are specialized in supporting these complex on-premises data centers. Yet these tools were born at a time when most corporate devices could easily be secured and maintained within a traditional corporate perimeter.

Considering the massive shift to remote work and the accelerated cyberattacks on these remote devices, enterprises must contend with the fact that their data centers are being rapidly decentralized, and their attack surface is expanding far beyond the corporate walls. These organizations are discovering that securing all parts of a digital environment presents a unique challenge with increasingly distributed teams.


  • Requires specialized IT skills and staffing

  • Globally distributed, on-premises infrastructure

  • Complex, unintegrated IT tool sets

  • Fractured approach to IT and security operations

Shifting technology and business solutions to the cloud is not a new way of thinking for most large enterprises. Enterprises have adopted next-generation and cloud-native technologies into many of their business groups, from security operations to sales management, with 88% of organizations using cloud-native tools in one form or another. But despite the wide variety of capabilities and security available through cloud-native tools, only 17% of enterprises are operating a total cloud workspace, and 39% are using hybrid cloud infrastructure, combining their on-premises architecture with cloud-native tools.

While shifting to cloud-native operations and tool sets has been consistent across many enterprises, patching and endpoint management remains predominantly on-premises. Yet if organizations committed to moving all their IT applications to the cloud, they would quickly realize that the costs to stay with the same on-premises patching and endpoint management tools are far more expensive than the cost to shift to a modern cloud-native patching and endpoint hardening solution.

Automox enables enterprise IT teams to dramatically reduce the time, complexity, and effort required to effectively secure and manage endpoints. Automox’s cloud-native platform enforces OS and third-party patch management, security configurations, and custom scripting across on-premises and remote endpoints.

A simple-to-use, cloud-native console that’s quick to deploy and easy to learn
Automox is simple to configure and manage from day one, featuring an intuitive user interface that enables IT teams to quickly create and apply policies to any system anywhere in the world. The software rollout is seamless and allows straightforward control over your endpoint hardening.

Automox helps IT teams recapture more than 50% of the time organizations currently spend managing their attack surface.

Complete visibility of all the enterprise endpoints, no matter the location or domain
As organizations grow, tracking the inventory of all the digital and physical assets can get complicated. Automox provides a complete inventory of all hardware, software, patches, and configuration details for your corporate endpoints. You can remediate and patch vulnerabilities, deploy required software, and fix misconfigured systems without the need for multiple tools or connection via a VPN.

Automox works across Microsoft Windows®, macOS®, and Linux® platforms, and provides third-party patching support.

Increased efficiency and speed to mitigation with a one-touch solution for patching and vulnerability management
With the Automox cloud-native endpoint hardening platform, there is no server to build, no database to maintain, no on-premises patch catalog to curate, and no costly and time-consuming software version updating of your patching and endpoint hardening solution. 

Automox results in incredible time savings, greater corporate security, and improved productivity of your IT teams.

Align existing IT and security platforms through Automox API integration
Automox provides a suite of powerful APIs to allow customers to enhance their endpoint management workflows. Through the Automox API, collect and display data in your centralized IT and Security Operations Center (SOC) dashboard, leverage custom scripts to automate and enforce local configurations, patching policies, and software deployment. 

Any member of IT can be a part of the endpoint management team, enabling your organization to scale without having to hire specialized talent.

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