Automox for Endpoint Management

Modernizing IT operations with cloud-native efficiency

IT operations (ITOps) has always been given an impossible mission: maintaining outdated technology and processes to prevent disruption, while also supporting strategic business initiatives that require modern solutions, all with limited resources, budget, and headcount. These conflicting objectives create an increasingly difficult scenario for operations, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Automox is ushering in a new reality with the first cloud-native, zero-infrastructure platform for consolidating, automating, and scaling ITOps.


Speed is the name of the game, and not just when it comes to data. The speed at which you can adapt to new variables, requirements, and a constantly changing environment is increasingly critical to business growth. It’s why the Automox® platform was designed around this principle and rooted in efficiency. That starts with a true cloud-native architecture, not legacy on-premises software that’s been retrofitted and rebranded for the cloud. Cloud-native architectures remove the burden and additional overhead that has historically slowed down ITOps teams and added significant operational costs over time.

As a result of this modern architecture, the speed of implementing, customizing, and scaling your endpoint management capabilities is dramatically increased and becomes a non-factor when determining the feasibility of supporting new business requirements. It’s time to move at the speed of the business and never again worry about hardware requirements, VPNs, software updates, versioning, and stagnant feature sets.


Organizations are often forced to deal with an inefficient patchwork of endpoint solutions to manage varying operating systems (OS), environments, device locations, and constantly shifting requirements. Scaling this assortment of tools to match business growth introduces even greater challenges. Automox streamlines operations and removes these obstacles by supporting all endpoints from a single console, regardless of OS type or location.

Through this single point of management, the Automox platform can automate any task to increase workflow efficiency and allow ITOps to focus its efforts on more strategic initiatives. Automox’s extensible, cloud-native architecture enables operations to not only scale up and down on demand without the need for hardware or VPNs, but also to increase the breadth of endpoint capabilities using Automox Worklets™. Introducing this level of flexibility and speed places operations in a position to adapt immediately when the need arises.


Reducing costs should not mean reducing functionality or shortcutting security diligence. The key is doing more with less. Automox endpoint management delivers workflow automation to ensure critical, routine tasks and security best practices, such as software patching, are addressed immediately without the need for manual intervention. This helps minimize exposure while also freeing up staff to utilize their time to advance new objectives or implement measures to provide a more seamless end-user experience.


Multi-OS support
Automox offers support for Microsoft® Windows®, macOS®, and Linux®, providing the same seamless experience for all OS types.

Software deployment
From automated group and one-off deployments to removal of unauthorized software, Automox enables you to deploy, verify, and enforce software installation and configuration on any and all endpoints. 

Complete endpoint visibility
Automox provides a complete inventory of your endpoints, with comprehensive, in-depth visibility to identify noncompliant and compliant devices. The agent will discover the full breadth of hardware, software, and configuration details of all the connected endpoints, no matter their location. 

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
Automox offers the ability to define individual access by full administrator, read only, billing admin, or patching admin to ensure users are granted the necessary privileges based on their required tasks.

Patch management
Perform continuous patching of OS and third-party applications. Patches can be pulled down directly by the Automox agent or from a locally maintained WSUS server that is a trusted source of patches reachable by the agent.

Fully featured API
The Automox API is a powerful interface that integrates Automox platform data into other applications to control your devices, policies, and configurations. Automox can be integrated with other security operations, ITOps, or business intelligence solutions.

Task and workflow automation
The Automox platform is based on an extensible and scalable architecture that enables ITOps to create any custom task using Automox Worklets™. Powered by PowerShell® and Bash scripting, the platform can execute and automate Worklets across any managed device. 

Pre-built reports
Automox delivers out-of-the-box reports that cover device activity, device status and history, device compliance, as well as pre-patch and historical patch activity. Reports can be easily generated, viewed, and downloaded from the console.


• Provides comprehensive visibility across endpoints, regardless of location, environment, or OS type.

• Delivers unprecedented agility and extensibility to immediately accommodate shifting requirements and growing business needs without additional tools and overhead.

• Reduces overhead costs without compromising security, business growth, or end-user experience.

• Increases operational efficiency with continuous automation of tedious, repetitive tasks to enable ITOps to focus on strategic initiatives.

• Advances and evolves operations by surfacing data-driven insights compiled from a wide breadth of endpoint data.

• Minimizes risk and exposure by providing automated remediation of known vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

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