Automox for Service Providers

All endpoints. Always configured. Always secured.

Whether you’re an MSP or MSSP, you are challenged to simplify IT processes and tools across your clients’ increasingly diverse and distributed environments. Clients also expect you to deliver high security confidence and minimal disruptions to their end users. It’s no small ask, that’s for sure. Automox’s cloud-native platform solves for all these challenges, making IT operations way less complex for both you and your clients.


As the industry’s easiest to use endpoint management platform, Automox enables greater efficiency and flexibility for managing and securing your clients’ devices — anytime, anywhere. Designed to manage multiple diverse and distributed environments, Automox patches devices, deploys software, and manages configurations through a zero-maintenance architecture. You can maintain visibility and control over your clients’ devices while automating workflows for your IT staff with one simple solution.


Focused on our MSP/MSSP partners’ success and designed to accelerate your business goals, we designed our partner program to be as simple and seamless as possible. We know you don’t need another complex partner program to manage, so our MSP/MSSP program is easy to join and participate in. That’s it. A true partnership that’s built to drive your business forward!

  • Flexible, multi-tenant administration

  • Flexible billing models

  • Discounted rapid onboard service

  • Access to Automox RESTful API & SDK

  • Volume-based price discounts

  • Self-administered and transferable licenses

  • Sales, marketing, and technical resources

  • Free NFR tenant for testing and demos


The Automox® platform improves simplicity and unifies IT tools without the need for additional infrastructure.

  • Cloud-native

  • Extensible platform

  • Multi-OS support

  • Multi-tenant

  • End-to-end security

  • World-class API

  • Lightweight agent

  • Total device visibility

  • Intuitive automation

  • RBAC admin console


Automox is a game-changer for driving efficiencies and simplifying workflows.

  • Optimize ROI - Maximize your endpoint management investment with a cloud-native solution that manages all of your devices anytime, anywhere — no need for additional infrastructure or resources.

  • Power productivity - Remove manual processes and free up your technicians to work on more strategic initiatives with workflow automation that addresses critical and routine tasks as well as security best practices.

  • Boost efficiency - Quickly automate and scale actions, from patch management and software deployment to scriptable actions, across any set of devices based on specific attributes.

  • Raise security confidence - Eliminate risk and ensure compliance with the ability to unify vulnerability detection and remediation solutions into a full cycle vulnerability management solution.

  • Increase visibility and control - Achieve centralized endpoint management across your clients’ IT environments with the ability to designate access and control to specific users, as well as integrate with other data sources to identify trends and uncover patterns.


Through our robust APIs, you can provide additional value to your clients or leverage our growing list of key alliances.


With Automox, your organization can drive greater strategic value and security outcomes for your clients with zero disruption. Stay ahead of changes in the hybrid workforce and rapid influx in security threats with the most efficient endpoint solution on the market today. To learn more, visit: