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One of the greatest risks to any organization is the end user. Effective patch management and endpoint hardening dramatically reduce your vulnerability exposure and ensure regulatory compliance, but the fact remains that end users can expose your organization to significant additional security risk, whether intentional or not. Proactive implementation and enforcement of endpoint security best practices is a necessary and effective method to mitigate employee-induced vulnerabilities.


Employees commonly leverage convenience in their IT environments as a way to increase productivity — but this convenience may come at a high price. Common behaviors, such as using simple passwords, avoiding reboots, or bringing your own device (BYOD), can create vulnerabilities and greatly expand your organization’s threat landscape. As a result, companies often struggle to balance proactive security measures that secure their critical data and meet compliance requirements with making sure employees are able to work productively without interference.

The Automox® platform lets you implement and automate security best practices without placing the burden on the end user. In addition to its cloud-native patch management capabilities, Automox allows you to take preventive measures one step further with Automox Worklets™, an efficient delivery system for executing scripts and automating actions, such as individual security controls, across your endpoints. With Worklets, you don’t have to solely rely on end users to adhere to internal security policies.

Automox Worklets address a range of security vulnerabilities, allowing you to mitigate potential risks without compromising employee productivity. As automated policies, Worklets can also be scheduled to run on any specified cadence to make sure your policies are continually enforced.


Enforce password complexity and rotation
Ensuring password parameters are implemented effectively across users can help decrease
the probability of an attacker gaining access through password-guessing techniques.

Disable file sharing
File sharing can present an additional attack vector for bad actors. Disabling this feature reduces the attack surface and risk of unauthorized access to stored files.

Disable remote management
Remote management should only be enabled when a directory is in place to manage the accounts with access. Otherwise, a system could accept connections from untrusted hosts.

Enforce BitLocker encryption
Ensuring that data is encrypted on local drives can add a layer of security by making sure threat actors do not have the means to access your critical data.

Disable remote login
Disabling remote login mitigates the risk of an unauthorized individual gaining access to the system through Secure Shell (SSH).

Disable Bluetooth
Bluetooth® is particularly susceptible to a diverse set of security vulnerabilities involving identity detection, location tracking, denial of service, unintended control of data, and voice channels as well as unauthorized device control and data access.

Disable USB
USB ports can be useful for data transfer needs but can also present the opportunity for an attacker or insider threat to exfiltrate data for malicious purposes.

Kill open process
Disable specific processes that should not be running and may pose a potential threat to data integrity and system security.

*The full library of available Worklets is accessible via the Automox Community.


Your current portfolio of endpoint solutions may include several tools patchworked together to effectively manage the varying operating systems (OS), environments, device locations, and evolving requirements of your organization. Scaling this assortment of tools to match business growth can create even greater challenges. Automox streamlines these operations and removes obstacles by supporting all endpoints from a single console, regardless of OS type, location, or environment.

With Automox, your team can leverage workflow automation to ensure critical routine tasks and security best practices, such as software patching, are addressed immediately without the need for manual intervention. Additionally, Automox maps security-related Worklets to leading compliance benchmarks and best practices so that your devices are configured to further strengthen your organization’s security posture and to meet compliance requirements.

While employees may continue to inadvertently introduce security risks, the Automox platform provides your organization with the fastest way to reduce these exposures and potential vulnerabilities before there is ever the opportunity for exploitation. With built-in automation and a robust library of existing Worklets, your endpoint security and compliance efforts can be easier, faster, and more effective than ever before.


  • Minimizes risk and exposure by providing automated remediation of known vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

  • Provides comprehensive visibility and control across endpoints, regardless of location, environment, or OS type.

  • Increases operational efficiency with continuous automation of tedious, repetitive tasks
    to enable greater focus on strategic initiatives.

  • Reduces employee-induced breach exposures by executing and automating individual security controls with Automox custom Worklets.

  • Improves security posture with configuration states that align with leading security and compliance benchmarks.

“Automox is the best cloud endpoint management system we found that supports Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is intuitive to use and makes managing endpoints a breeze. We can easily make sure all our endpoints have the latest security patches or deploy new software within 10 minutes. Moreover, you have the ability to use PowerShell or Shell script to automate almost anything to all your endpoints. Best of all, none of your endpoints need to be connected to your on-prem network for Automox to work. Their support is great to work with, and they also have a fantastic community to help with scripting.” *

System Administrator, Finance Industry
Gartner Peer Insights Review, August 2021
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