Automox Joins the Cortex XSOAR Marketplace

Automox®, the cloud-native IT operations provider, has joined forces with industry-leading Cortex XSOAR by Palo Alto Networks. Automox will contribute to the Cortex XSOAR marketplace and extend its platform further to better enable orchestration and response technologies.

There’s no single tool to accomplish all of your objectives, but the tools in your tech stack should work well together. The more integrated the tools and technologies ITOps and SecOps share, the more successful they often are at addressing risk quickly while maintaining user productivity.

Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) technologies can significantly enhance security operations by enabling organizations to pull inputs across multiple sources and automate workflows to increase the efficiency and speed at which security tasks are acted on. Similar to Cortex XSOAR by Palo Alto Networks, SOAR technologies act as the “glue” that ties technology details together from across multiple technology sources. Then, it enables consolidated and automated actions based on these comprehensive details. 

An Automox Technical Partnership to Elevate Your SOAR Usability

Our technical alliance allows you to use Automox’s industry-leading, cloud-native endpoint solution, to expand your XSOAR capabilities further than you ever expected.  

Instead of having a line of separation between managing your endpoints and running tasks within XSOAR, Automox meets you in XSOAR with our Content Pack to tie “everything” together.  

Our Content Pack includes the necessary playbook and administrative commands for you to autonomously take action across the Automox platform from within XSOAR. Now, you’ll have all the building blocks you need to curate your own playbooks and scripts to orchestrate tasks from within XSOAR.  

Endless Potential and Benefits

Once the Automox Content Pack is installed from the Cortex XSOAR Marketplace, you can leverage our playbook and commands as-is. Or, you can tie Automox to other vendor playbooks to develop your own workflows based on your organization's security needs and objectives. Some potential benefits and use cases may include:  

  • Comprehensive visibility. By tying Automox device data to hundreds of vendors’ data within XSOAR, you can easily expand the use of Automox data and visibility at scale, allowing you to be highly efficient – both strategically and tactically.  

    • Easily fetch data from Automox which is then ingested in XSOAR for immediate data enrichment and insights into your overall endpoint security posture. 

    • Save time by running Automox data queries within XSOAR without ever accessing the Automox console.

  • Seamless automation and consolidated administration. Automatically manage and orchestrate your Automox instance within the XSOAR console and perform the same administrative actions on Automox endpoints without jumping between platforms or wasting needless manual cycles. 

    • A range of Automox commands can be executed by the XSOAR orchestration engine to interact with the Automox platform. Whether you’re gathering data across devices, such as last reboot time or the number of patch deferrals taken on a device, for example, or taking actions on devices, from triggering remote outcomes on endpoints to grouping devices, you can centralize activities without ever leaving the XSOAR interface. 

    • From grouping like devices in correlation with rules set by a CMDB to pulling device and policy information, quit the endless jumping between technologies and manage your endpoints immediately and directly from within the XSOAR.

  • Vulnerability remediation. Significantly lower risk by stopping vulnerabilities in their tracks within hours – not days or months.

    • With our "Upload Vulnerability Report to Automox'' sub-playbook, easily pull vendor detection reports from within XSOAR that can then be ingested by Automox for immediate prioritization and remediation with a single click.

    • Remove the manual sorting of data and hand-off between SecOps and ITOps with our enhanced workflow by tying detection and remediation efforts together. 

The Only Limits Are the Playbooks You Create

Cortex XSOAR is the industry’s largest and most comprehensive security orchestration marketplace, and the addition of the Automox Content Pack further demonstrates our investment in SOAR and our Palo Alto Networks partnership. 

With the ability to connect the Automox platform with your existing XSOAR security tools and data sources, the options for tying to technologies and automating actions are endless. 

About Automox

Automox is the cloud-native IT operations platform for modern organizations. It makes it easy to keep every endpoint automatically configured, patched, and secured – anywhere in the world. With the push of a button, IT admins can fix critical vulnerabilities faster, slash cost and complexity, and win back hours in their day. 

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