Does Your RMM Tool’s Patching Leave Boxes Unchecked?

8 reasons why Automox is the better patch management choice for MSPs and MSSPs

Many RMM tools promise to be one-stop solutions, although many boxes are often left unchecked. Automox ensures you are building the best security posture possible for your clients with cross-operating system (OS) coverage, third-party patching, and hyper-fast, zero-day response times. And that's just the start.

1. Cloud-native
No infrastructure to manage, rapid access to all of your customers’ endpoints regardless of their technical infrastructure.

2. Multi-tenancy 
Easily separate your clients into their own cloud-native tenants and manage their environments.

3. Robust API

Leverage our full REST-based API to integrate Automox with your existing RMM, PSA, or other tools.

RMM is made to monitor, not patch and manage endpoints.

4. Full automation 
Automate remediation to fit your clients’ schedules and still maintain control over manual approval.

5. Multi-OS and third-party patching
Patch all devices in your client’s environment from one pane of glass, from feature upgrades to third-party applications, across macOS®, Windows®, and Linux®.

6. Documented compliance
Help your customers adhere to the patch management requirements within HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, NERC CIP, and other compliance standards.

7. Usage billing
Avoid any shelfware and only pay for what you use with monthly usage-based billing in arrears.

8. Full device inventory
View all of your customers’ devices, their specifications, installed software, and missing patches or Flexible End-User Notifications — deliver custom patch notifications and the option to defer required reboots 

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The Automox MSP Program is packed full of benefits to service providers, with the combination of an easy-to-use, multi-tenant platform, cross-platform support, an open API, consumption-based monthly billing, and a rapid onboarding program. It’s quick and easy to get started.
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