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Partner Success Story: ThreatAware

London-based MSP delivers a more complete endpoint security solution with Automox & its threat intelligence platform working together

Jon Abbott, CEO & Co-Founder
Josh Thomson, Head of Growth

Priority One is a managed service provider (MSP) located in the UK that provides IT and cybersecurity support to London-based businesses between 20 and 300 employees. Most of Priority One’s clients are in the finance, property, and medical industries. When Priority One realized the lack of an overarching product that could show a company the state of its cybersecurity protection, the ThreatAware platform was born. Priority One designed ThreatAware to give business owners and IT managers the whole picture, at a glance. The platform provides access to the key data from their security tools, people, and processes in a simple, easy-to-use dashboard.

The biggest challenge that Priority One solves for its customers is keeping their systems available 24/7 and secure. The smaller companies it supports need the enterprise-grade system uptime, but have less budget to do that — which is why they rely on Priority One services to support their IT needs. Priority One realizes that patching operating systems and applications needs to be done continually to be sure that these programs continue to work together. For example, certain applications will stop working if they are not on the latest versions and subsequently, you may not be able to upgrade the apps without being on the latest build. More significantly, known vulnerabilities in apps or operating systems provide plenty of opportunity for adversaries to exploit them. According to leading industry data, adversaries are weaponizing new critical vulnerabilities in seven days on average. And zero-day vulnerabilities are already weaponized at the moment of disclosure. Companies that hold off patching increase their odds of a possible breach. Given that security has become more urgent, the need for rapid patching has never been greater.

"Before using Automox, we were using SolarWinds N-able for our patching and endpoint hardening solution. The tools proved to be extremely cumbersome and took a lot of management, yet the results were poor at best. All SolarWinds did for us was take up a lot of our time and give us a bad reputation."

// Jon Abbott, CEO, Priority One ThreatAware

Priority One chose to integrate Automox into its ThreatAware platform to provide a patching and endpoint hardening solution to its clients. The Automox integration with ThreatAware means that it can manage and remediate all alerts across multiple operating systems through one platform. Automox patching allows Priority One to patch client endpoints with minimal effort — which is a big win for the organization. However, the speed and ease with which agents can be deployed (with ThreatAware Deploy) and the ability to run Automox Worklets™ across its client endpoints is where the real power of the solution lies.

The Automox® API easily integrated with ThreatAware to provide quick access to the necessary software updates required on the installed endpoints.

The Automox API is a rich resource that provides granular information on everything that sits within the Automox platform, including policies, patches, endpoints, and users. This ensures that Automox and ThreatAware customers are able to connect the solutions together with ease: Customers simply have to input their Automox API key into the ThreatAware three-step connection wizard and can quickly start reaping the benefits.

With Automox Worklets, organizations are able to extend the capabilities of what they want to do on their devices to keep them protected and more secure. Worklets allow them to better manage and automate updates across their endpoints by being able to deploy or remove software, apply necessary configuration changes, or any custom task they can imagine to help keep their corporate data more secure.

With the Automox integration, Priority One customers have been quickly impressed with how easy the solution has been to use and, most importantly, how effective it’s been in reducing known vulnerabilities across their systems. One customer, a new CIO, was worried about the patching status of their organization’s systems. Priority One suggested they use ThreatAware and Automox together, so they could use the ThreatAware agentless discovery service to find their computers and then use ThreatAware Deploy to deploy the Automox agent across those systems for patching. The customer loved this idea because it was going to be easy, fast, and highly effective. After installing the Automox agent, Automox began to scan the customer’s devices for required updates; the tool identified more than 300 missing security patches. Because Automox is cloud native, it can immediately access and discover device states once the agent has been installed. By integrating the tool with ThreatAware, customers have the ability and agility to address issues as they see them. The Automox cloud-native solution offers improved visibility into the constant state of corporate devices, irrespective of domain or location.

"Our customer was able to leverage ThreatAware and Automox together to swiftly install the Automox agent on all its computers. After installation, Automox began to scan the systems and identified more than 300 missing security patches. With this visibility into the status of its systems, our customer was able to comfortably determine how to approach patching its systems, with a clear focus on prioritizing the most critical issues flagged by Automox and tackling them in a systematic fashion."

// Josh Thomson, Head of Growth, Priority One ThreatAware

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