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MSP Success Story: Databerry

Databerry reduces complexity & cost of managing cross-platform, distributed endpoints with Automox

Jared Haggerty, CEO

Databerry helps businesses grow through effective web, marketing, and IT strategies. As a managed service provider (MSP), Databerry provides IT consulting, infrastructure migration, and managed IT for companies ranging from “mom and pop shops” to Fortune 500 enterprises. Their solutions also include website design and development, and the development of web apps, portals, and mobile apps. Databerry provides strategic marketing planning as well as optimization strategies for SEO, SEM, email and social media marketing.

Almost our entire audience is remote, so a cloud-based solution was critical for us. We manage all types of client endpoints ranging from a simple desktop to Windows, Linux, and Mac servers. Our biggest challenges in managing thousands of endpoints were the need for a simple interface, easy agent installation, and the ability to support all the different platforms on the market: Windows, Linux, and macOS. We were also looking for the support of a wide variety of third party applications. 

Our team needed a tool that offers a single point of management because we have multiple clients and we have to be able to segregate and desegregate them individually. We needed a solution that didn’t take months to onboard, gave us enough control to create groups, custom policies, sophisticated update scheduling, and gave us API access to enable integration with our own product. In essence, we needed a simple, yet modern way to automate our patch management. I believe that any IT professional should be able to walk into any endpoint and understand how it works.

Automox’s cloud-based platform supported all our patch management requirements and provided the automation and reliability we needed to feel confident our infrastructure was secure. We evaluated competitors such as Microsoft and Symantec but the costs were unreasonable and the onboarding process was complicated and required weeks or months of education and training. 

The Automox agent only took minutes to install and instantly gave us a comprehensive view of the vulnerability status of all the endpoints in our network. The web-based UI was extremely important to us, as was the product’s ease-of-use and ability to patch any OS in any location. There was really not just one or two things that mattered to us. We had around twenty different requirements and Automox satisfied all of them, including pricing. We needed SSO, custom end-user notifications, the ability to create custom policies, intuitive reporting, and access to the API to enable product integration. 

We tested other products and compared pricing, administration, features, simplicity and other criteria. It came down to three different solutions, and the other products just didn’t have the simplicity that Automox has and they didn’t have the web interface or API that we needed.

"Patching is a thankless and redundant job - it’s a job for automation which is why we chose Automox."

// Jared Haggerty, CEO, Databerry

Automox gives us all the capabilities we need and the platform features continue to get even better. The main reasons we chose Automox are because they are cloud-based, support any OS in any location, enable customization, are easy to use, provide access to their API, and offer competitive pricing. From the MSP standpoint, there are not many solutions out there that satisfy all those requirements. The other feature that influenced our choice was simplicity. I don’t mean simple as in the application in and of itself, I mean the management of the actual application. We needed a simple, easy-to-use web interface, which Automox nailed.

Automox has been a huge time saver. That’s the bottom line. We had a technician dedicated to patching full time and now that process has become incredibly simple. He works an hour per week on patching as opposed to 30 hours per week. This solution has made a massive difference in time spent and resources used for us.


"Automox has been a huge time saver. We had a full-time IT manager working 30 hours per week to keep our systems patched and now it takes him an hour per week. The time savings has been massive."

// Jared Haggerty, CEO, Databerry

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