When times get tough...get automated.

With the current economic climate, finding opportunities to work more efficiently is becoming a big focus for businesses everywhere. With Automox, you can easily automate your patching, configuration, and vulnerability remediation to save yourself and your organization valuable time and resources. Here’s how.

Automate Your Vulnerability Remediation

There’s no question – the ability to automate vulnerability remediation is a huge competitive advantage in today’s threat landscape. Automated Vulnerability Remediation (AVR) makes it easy to protect unmanaged endpoints and shorten vulnerability remediation cycles by automatically ingesting vulnerability information directly from an existing scanning and detection solution like Rapid7 InsightVM. No installations or downloads are required for this cloud-to-cloud integration – just configure, ingest vulnerability information, and remediate.

With AVR, you get full-cycle detection and remediation of your organizational risks, enabling security and IT teams to coordinate endpoint protection on a more predictable cadence. No more surprise handoffs or tedious, manual work to get things patched or remediated.

Automate IT and Security Tasks and Workflows with Worklets

Automox Worklets™️ hand you the reins so you can automate any scriptable action on macOS, Linux, and Windows devices. What soul-crushing, manual task vexes you most? Script it and eliminate it.

At Automox, our ITOps team uses Worklets to tackle all sorts of tasks where automation makes a big difference in scaling back the level of effort. Take a look and see how you may be able to leverage these use cases in your own organization:

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