How to Use Automox

A cross-platform, lightweight agent combined with our cloud-native platform delivers full visibility and control over your entire infrastructure in minutes.
Step One

Install the Automox Agent

Download and install a single agent for all of your Windows, MacOS, and Linux systems. At only 5MB, the agent is highly efficient with low I/O and CPU overhead.

  • Lock imageA persistent encrypted session with the Automox cloud securely manages your device.
  • Lock imageAfter adding your devices, Automox inventories all hardware, software, patches, and configuration details.
  • Lock imageRemediate patch vulnerabilities, deploy required software, and fix misconfigured systems without the need for multiple tools.
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Looking for bulk deployment options?

Use our predefined scripts for tools such as Ansible and Active Directory to deploy from 1 to 100,000 or more endpoints.

Bulk Deployment Scripts

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Step Two

Create Policies

Policies automate cyber hygiene, helping you patch systems, ensure the right software is installed, and maintain configurations.

  • Create imageCreate policies once and assign them to multiple groups of devices.
  • Edit imageQuickly update policies for every device without the need to touch code or hardware.
  • Customize imageOne policy can manage a mix of Windows, MacOS, and Linux devices.
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Step Three

Group Your Devices

Groups segment your organization and simplify management. Whether you sort your devices by department, OS, or region, groups simplify the management of your security infrastructure.

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Full Multi-tenant Architecture

If you are managing many unique organizations or subsidiaries internally or for your customers, Automox provides tools to allow you to easily move between different instances. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) functionality allows you to assign owners and lock down access where appropriate. Contact sales to find out more.

Step Four

Automate Security Confidence

Automox's intelligent policies and groups allow you to automate the fundamentals of cyber hygiene. Policies automatically secure your devices without the need for hands-on maintenance.

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Policies run on a regular schedule you define, with end-user notifications to keep your employees engaged. Intuitive reporting gives you clear insight into your devices and compliance, so that can you rest easy and trust that your environment is secure.

Ready to get started?

See the vulnerability status of your infrastructure and start patching systems and software in minutes.

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