The simplest vulnerability remediation management yet.

Automated Vulnerability Remediation: Find and Fix Vulnerabilities Fast

Automated Vulnerability Remediation lets you fix vulnerabilities dramatically faster - in minutes, not months.

What is Automated Vulnerability Remediation?

Automated Vulnerability Remediation (AVR) makes it easy to shorten vulnerability remediation cycles by automatically ingesting vulnerability information directly from an existing scanning and detection solution like Rapid7 InsightVM. No installations or downloads are required for this cloud-to-cloud integration - just connect, ingest, configure, and remediate.

Rapid 7 Automox Infinity Loop

Harmonize Cross-Team Remediation Efforts

The most time-intensive manual task according to IT is vulnerability remediation. With AVR, Automox brings together two critical functions - vulnerability detection and remediation. This powerful integration delivers full-cycle detection and remediation of vulnerabilities, enabling security and IT teams to easily coordinate endpoint protection on a regular, predictable cadence.

Your Remediation Capabilities Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Faster Full-Cycle Remediation

Remove slow, manual processes and beat cyber vulnerabilities before they can be weaponized.

Cross-Team Agility

Simplify endpoint management and protection by remediating vulnerabilities on a regular, predictable cadence.

Single-Console Execution

Leverage configurations to execute any required remediation action with Automox through patching or Worklet scripts.

How Does Automated Vulnerability Remediation Work?

AVR streamlines vulnerability detection and remediation processes to just a few simple steps.

Automatic Vulnerability Ingest

Automatic Vulnerability Ingest

From the Automox console, select remediations from the Manage tab. Navigate to the Rapid7 Partner Integration prompt to kick-off the process of creating a connection to Rapid7 and automatically sync vulnerabilities within Automox. Automox then classifies and organizes each imported vulnerability.

Automated Remediations Tab

Automated Remediations Tab

From the Automated tab, filter reports by most recent, previous executions (up to the last five), or by status and configuration

Once a report is selected, endpoints are categorized by:

  • Patchable Vulnerabilities - Lists vulnerabilities and affected endpoints that can be remediated by Automox.

  • Rapid7 Solutions - Using Rapid7 solution details, this list of vulnerabilities typically require configuration updates that can be addressed with Automox Worklets.

  • Unknown Devices - Identifies endpoints that do not exist within Automox and requires installation of the Automox agent.

Configuration Tab

Configuration Tab

The Configuration tab stores configurations with the ability to control your view and related actions. From creating a new configuration, to editing, deleting, disabling schedules, or fetching the latest report, you can easily manage, update, and search for all your configurations.

Ready to see AVR in action?

See how easy it is to remediate vulnerabilities automatically by connecting Rapid7 InsightVM and Automox.

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Explore other remediation tools

Currently, AVR is available for organizations that leverage Rapid7 InsightVM. For teams that use other scanning/detection solutions, Automox offers Vulnerability Sync - one-click uploads of CVE files from Tenable, Qualys, CrowdStrike, and others. Vulnerabilities are converted to remediation tasks in Automox where they can be reviewed, approved, and deployed quickly.

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