The next era of vulnerability detection and response is here.

Automated Vulnerability Remediation: Find and Fix Vulnerabilities [ Now ]

Introducing Automated Vulnerability Remediation, the only cloud-native solution that harmonizes your SecOps-ITOps workflow and lets you fix vulnerabilities dramatically faster - in minutes, not months.

What is Automated Vulnerability Remediation?

Automated Vulnerability Remediation (AVR) makes it easy to discover unmanaged endpoints and shorten vulnerability remediation cycles by automatically ingesting vulnerability information directly from an existing scanning and detection solution like Rapid7 InsightVM. No installations or downloads are required for this cloud-to-cloud integration - just configure, ingest vulnerability information, and remediate.

With AVR, you get full-cycle detection and remediation of your organizational risks, enabling security and IT teams to coordinate endpoint protection on a more predictable cadence. No more surprise handoffs or tedious, manual work to get things patched or remediated.

Rapid 7 Automox Infinity Loop

Harmonizing the SecOps-ITOps Remediation Workflow

AVR brings together two critical functions - vulnerability detection and remediation - to provide your SecOps and ITOps teams the information they need to achieve the quickest path to cyber resilience. Automox ingests vulnerabilities directly from Rapid7 InsightVM using Rapid7's categories and tagging capabilities, which means SecOps and ITOps are able to speak the same language when referring to vulnerability priorities. No more surprises. No more fire drills.

Automatic Remediation for Stronger Cyber Resilience

Faster Full-Cycle Remediation

Remove slow, manual processes and beat cyber vulnerabilities before they can be weaponized.

Cross-Team Agility

Simplify information sharing between SecOps and ITOps by remediating on a regular, predictable cadence.

Single-Console Execution

Execute any required remediation action with Automox through patching or Worklet scripts.

How Does Automated Vulnerability Remediation Work?

AVR removes all manual vulnerability hand-off and remediation steps to streamline the process to just a few simple actions.

Automatic Vulnerability Ingest

Automatic Vulnerability Ingest

From the Automox console, specify the list of vulnerabilities to be imported using the categories and tags offered in your scanning and detection solution. In the case of Rapid7 InsightVM, there are five vulnerability categories built into the system. You can create additional tags to further target devices as needed.

Vulnerability Classification

Vulnerability Classification

Automox classifies each imported vulnerability into categories to help your team understand and prioritize the remediation work at hand.

  • Immediately patched using OS or Automox-validated third-party software updates
  • Patchable once the Automox agent is installed on the device
  • Remediated using Automox Worklets *

* Rapid7 provides step-by-step information on how to remediate vulnerabilities that require configuration or other non-patch remediation actions which can then be deployed via Automox Worklets.

Automated Remediation

Automated Remediation

All vulnerabilities become tasks in Automox for you to review, prioritize, approve, and execute across one or many devices in a matter of minutes.

Vulnerabilities that require configuration changes are handled using Automox Worklet customized scripts.

Ready to see AVR in action?

See how easy it is to remediate vulnerabilities automatically by pairing your scanning and detection solution with Automox.

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Explore other remediation tools

Currently, AVR is available for organizations that leverage Rapid7 InsightVM. For teams that use other scanning/detection solutions, Automox offers Vulnerability Sync - one-click uploads of CVE files from Tenable, Qualys, Rapid7, CrowdStrike, and others. Vulnerabilities are converted to remediation tasks in Automox where they can be reviewed, approved, and deployed quickly.

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