Vulnerability Sync for
Superior Cyber Resilience

Threat actors can weaponize critical vulnerabilities in a matter of days. Can you move faster?

Introducing the fastest way to find and fix vulnerabilities in your infrastructure.

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What is Vulnerability Sync?

Detecting and remediating critical vulnerabilities is vital for cyber resilience today. Staying ahead of escalating cyber attacks requires quickly finding and fixing vulnerabilities before they are exploited. The fastest way to achieve this goal is by syncing vulnerability scanning tools with automated vulnerability remediation.

Vulnerability detection tools do well at initially identifying and reporting cyber vulnerabilities, giving you much-needed visibility into your attack surface. Ultimately, however, this visibility can create a lot of extra work, including vulnerability analysis, prioritization, and the manual creation of remediation steps – all of which increase your mean-time-to-remediate (MTTR). Fragmented workflows between SecOps and ITOps teams can slow down remediation and increase windows of exposure even more. That’s where Automox Vulnerability Sync comes in.


Vulnerability Sync brings two critical functions - vulnerability detection and remediation - together to provide the quickest path to cyber resilience. Vulnerability Sync takes detection data from CrowdStrike, Rapid7, Tenable, and others to automate vulnerability remediation with a single click. Simply sync your vulnerability data and watch as vulnerabilities are automatically patched across your devices.

Get the Fastest Path to Remediation & Cyber Resilience

Rapid Remediation

Remove slow, manual processes and quickly get ahead of cyber vulnerabilities before they can be weaponized.

Cross-Team Agility

Simplify information sharing between security and IT teams with a smooth and scalable workflow.

Real-Time Status

Trust that all threats are resolved with customizable patch status reports.

How Does Vulnerability Sync Work?

Vulnerability Sync cuts out slow, manual processes to reduce vulnerability remediation to just a few easy steps.

Automatic CVE Analysis and Prioritization

Automatic CVE Analysis and Prioritization

Simply upload a CVE report from vulnerability detection software. Automox will automatically map, organize, and prioritize vulnerability data into remediation actions.

Effortless Patch Deployment

Effortless Patch Deployment

Review, approve, and deploy the remediation actions in seconds across all impacted devices - with a single click.

Real-Time Visibility and Reporting

Real-Time Visibility and Reporting

View patching status and export reports for greater visibility into remediation activities - and to confirm all vulnerabilities have successfully been resolved.

Want to See Vulnerability Sync in Action?

Find out how easy it is to block cyber threats before they can be weaponized.