Vulnerability Sync for Fast and Easy Remediation

Threat actors can weaponize critical vulnerabilities in a matter of days. Can you move faster?

Find and fix vulnerabilities fast with Automox + your vulnerability detection solution.


What is Vulnerability Sync?

Staying ahead of escalating cyber attacks requires quickly finding and fixing vulnerabilities before they are exploited. The fastest way to achieve this goal is by syncing your existing vulnerability scanning tools with Automox for coordinated vulnerability remediation.

Vulnerability detection tools do well at initially identifying and reporting cyber vulnerabilities. However, effectively fixing these vulnerabilities can create a lot of extra work, from analysis and prioritization to the manual creation of remediation steps. That's where Automox Vulnerability Sync comes in.

PrioritizeOrganizeReviewPatch180 Minutes30 Minutes30 Minutes30 MinutesLegacy SolutionAutomoxVulnerability Sync4.5 HoursLess than 25 minutes

Vulnerability Sync brings two critical functions - vulnerability detection and remediation - together to provide the quickest path to cyber resilience. Vulnerability Sync takes detection data from CrowdStrike, Rapid7, Tenable, Qualys, and other solutions and enables easy upload to Automox. Simply sync your vulnerability data and you're ready to review, approve and execute patches from one console.

Take the Fast Path to Remediation & Cyber Resilience

Rapid Remediation

Remove slow, manual processes and quickly get ahead of cyber vulnerabilities before they can be weaponized.


Cross-Team Agility

Simplify clunky hand-offs between security and IT teams by working from a single, scalable workflow.


Real-Time Status

Trust that all threats are resolved with customizable patch status reports to confirm your devices have been addressed and patched.


How Does Vulnerability Sync Work?

Vulnerability Sync cuts out slow, manual processes to reduce
vulnerability remediation to a few easy steps.

Export and Upload Vulnerability Report

Export and Upload Vulnerability Report

Simply export a CSV-formatted vulnerability report from your favorite third-party vulnerability scanner. From Crowdstrike Falcon Spotlight, Tenable, Qualys and others, Automox can ingest a wide range of vulnerability scans based on your usage.

Automatic CVE Analysis and Prioritization

Automatic CVE Analysis and Prioritization

After your vulnerability report is downloaded, Automox asynchronously maps, organizes, and prioritizes vulnerability data into batches that are ready for your review. From the Manage tab, select Remediations to open a list of remediation batches to select from.

Effortless Patch Deployment

Effortless Patch Deployment

The Remediation Details page provides a detailed view of the selected batch's imported vulnerabilities and is broken into three categories: Patchable Vulnerabilities, Unmatched Vulnerabilities, and Unknown Devices.

Patchable Vulnerabilities can be quickly (and automatically) patched by selecting Remediate. Worklet policies are available to remediate Unmatched Vulnerabilities. Unknown Devices can be used to identify gaps in your environment where the Automox agent needs to be installed.

Real-Time Status

Real-Time Status

After selecting Remediate for your Patchable Vulnerabilities, you can follow the remediation status of each device and filter all of your patching and remediation results as needed.

That's it! Simple and straightforward full-cycle remediation with fewer touch points and minimal manual effort.

Want to See Vulnerability Sync in Action?

Find out how easy it is to block cyber threats before they can be weaponized.

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Are you a Rapid7 InsightVM customer? Your life just got a lot easier!

Take advantage of full-cycle vulnerability remediation with Rapid7 Insight VM + Automox Automated Vulnerability Remediation (AVR). Rapid7 scans are automatically pulled into the Automox console and vulnerabilities are classified, sorted, and then automatically patched and configured.